Shadowrun 360 Expands Public Beta

The Shadowrun public beta for the Xbox 360 version of the game isn't just live, but recently took on board a much larger group of gamers.

Today thousands of gamers received keys to allow them to download an early build of the game on their Xbox 360s. The beta will run until at least until the end of April.

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eques judicii4627d ago

I just got in... played for like 10 minutes this morning. I was very surprised at how tight the controls are, they work really well.. I'm excited to play more tonight and see what kind of depth this game realy has. The graphics are "ok" nothing spectacular but so far the gameplay is good

BlindPublic4627d ago

The graphics remind me of Perfect Dark Zero. The gameplays is really good, but a bit of lag here and there. Once the lag issues are fixed this should be a really good game.

Ravenator5294627d ago

I just got my email this morning. I can't wait to try it out. So lets see what I have to play now:

Finish Twilight Princess, finish God Of War 2, participate in the Crackdown "all-nighter", play some co-op TMNT:arcade, purchase GRAW 2, and now participate in the Shadowrun beta. And still manage to fit in some multiplayer GOW and Rainbow Six Vegas.

Jesus Christ! Gaming can be a busy hobby!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4627d ago

Check out my new gamerpic SHADOWRUN baby, wonder if Sony will let there users beta test.