TGR News Roundup: Bioshock Dev Hints at New Project, RE5 Versus Delayed

GDC kicks off today and delivered a bunch of good news for today's news roundup.

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cain1414266d ago

I really want to try these new RE 5 modes... I've beat all the Mercs modes...

redfield854266d ago

You are actually going to purchase this? I don't know if I will. I have been so against this kind of thing, but it is RE. I love me some RE.

I think in the end I won't be getting this add-on.

cain1414266d ago

I'm probably one of 5 people who feels people should charge for DLC...

swiftshot934266d ago

RE5 is so damn good. RE5 is one of the very few games which make me extremely excited to replay the game. Seriously the addictive factor is worse the COD4, totally exceeded my expectations from some of the low reviews. But RE5 was definitely worth the $60. Bah, Im going to play it NOW!

RE5 DLC is a first day purchase.

redfield854263d ago

I don't know about more addicting than COD4. I did however beat RE5 in one weekend. Loved it to death.

Will I get the DLC after thinking about it more? Still probably not. I don't see myself playing RE5 multiplayer as much as say Street Fighter IV, COD4, or NHL09.

And for those saying RE5 isn't a true RE game, meh to you. It has Chris, Wesker, Las Plagas, Umbrella, and Resident Evil in the title. Yea, it isn't as slow paced or scary as previous installments, but it is still part of the series.

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shoinan4266d ago

beat me to it, so to speak.

redfield854266d ago

Why don't we just get a bus trip to GDC right now?

DK_Switch4266d ago

In a related story, the Pope does, in fact, s*** in the woods.

SlamVanderhuge4266d ago

Ken Levine = Insta-buy


MAX PAYNE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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