Dirty German PS3 Magazine

Here's a new PS3 lifestyle mag from Germany, Austria and Switzerland called CONSOUL. It has the subtitle of "Welcome To High Definition Lifestyle," a lifestyle that includes a woman in her underwear on the toilet!

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nice_cuppa4626d ago

but man the germans love there porn.

GaMr-4626d ago (Edited 4626d ago )

Deleted @ Deepbrowns Request...

New Comment: Porn is a good thing. Especially hot blondes on toilets.... wow I go coo coo for poo poo !!!



techie4626d ago

GaMr that was poor. I don't think anyone should respond to that.

ANyway it's not porn, it's a way of life. (not sure if I'm serious when I say that...)

lilwingman4626d ago

I want a toilet like that where you have to pull a string to flush.