Gaijin games in Japan

[Our man-in-Japan, 50ft. Samurai, is at it again. This time, he takes an interesting look at how Western games fare in the Japanese marketplace. Enjoy!]

Scenario: you are a gamer and you live in Japan, the Oregon at the end of many a trail when it comes to videogames. You grew up playing the superb games that Konami, Capcom, Nintendo, Square, and other Japanese publishers and developers had to offer.

In fact, you still love to play these games even as a great deal of them became more insular and focused on a smaller and smaller Japanese audience. You watched as the "West" caught up and moved away from producing brilliant, strictly-PC games and started to turn out amazing console games, which is great for you because no one here plays PC games. You hear about how the Japanese market is unsure of itself. You think, "Wow, that Call of Duty 4 looks really good," and that is all it takes. You have just taken your first step into yougei. (???)

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