Where are role playing games headed... and how will this epic sci-fi saga get them there?

Last week, GamesRadar spent a jaw-dropping hour with upcoming sci-fi RPG Mass Effect. For their real-time impressions, as well as mid-demo conversation with BioWare founders Dr. Ray Muzyka and Dr. Greg Zeschuk, check out part one of their interview.

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THAMMER14830d ago

This game is going to own.

USMChardcharger4830d ago

no kidding can't come soon enough.

two things that caught my attention reading this that i didn't know before.

i went back and read the first part of the gives you that option to do...

it said that the armor you wear will age and chip and show a "been through a lot of battles" look. that is cool

it says also, that once you are done with training and you are given the can be a space pirate or a privateer if you want.

USMChardcharger4830d ago

"The tool set that we built is just awesome in terms of allowing us to create content and digital actors, to convey story and to build interesting combat situations. It's all in engine, so everything floats back and forth. There are not cuts, loads or pre-rendered movies because everything you're seeing is the actual game."

OldSchoolGamer4830d ago

First thing that made me amazed, I had always assumed wrongly, that alot of the screenshots we have been treated to, were simply CGI cutscenes. Wow, if that is in-game, the graphically all I can say is Gears of What? Secondly, the concepts are amazing and building on all of those games I cannot see them going wrong as most of those games were large hits. This shear level of exploration character interaction, facial mapping (although not new) seems adeptly incorporated into the game. One word so far, WOW!

BoneMagnus4830d ago

as a space-themed Oblivion(but more story driven)...and that thought has me beginning to drool...