PS3 is 30x more powerful than average PC in folding.

Yes, and the PS3 is going to make a big impact. According to a chart from the Folding at Home by OS stats:
1 Gigaflop per PC
3 Gigaflops per Intel Mac
30 Gigaflops of Folding Power per PS3

On average, of course. A researcher said that the basis for the 30x folding power, a very math intense process, is a $1000 PC you'd buy today. Impressive. Since the Tflop rating is the capable power, measured by units per time, the 826 PS3s doing Folding in beta are already doing 1/6 the processing of all the active Folding PCs out there, over 155k of them.

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techie4629d ago

Folding like Origami? What next...

OldSchoolGamer4628d ago

This is not about another damn flame war between you fan boys. If you truely want to do some good with all this technology we have when you are not using it for gaming, then by all means save some lives. These programs have been available on the PC for a few years now and I will include some links if anyone would like to donate computer time. I think its truely great that the PS3 can be used to these ends as well.

For PC the programs you can Help with include SETI (Search for E.T. basically) computer weather mapping (to help further our understanding of weather patterns, from small to large to help better predict dangerous events) Protein Folding (useful in a variety of research to benefit possible cures to cancer, AIDS, MS, Multiple Sclerosis, ect). Please donate all the time your computer and PS3 can handle as it may be your own life or the life of someone you love that you can actually help save. Now I can't tell you what research you are interested in helping, but SETI gets the most CPU time and is the least vital, projects like rosetta and folding need your help the most and can save many lives, in addition to helping map the human genome.

Links for those interested for the PC End.
http://[email protected]

pick a project that appeals to you instead of flaming here.

nice_cuppa4629d ago

loads of ps3's on a server and dedicate it to folding but aint people using there ps3 for gaming.

or are people going to pay the electric bill and take the chance of leaving there ps3 on when there not using it.

still using linux to hack ps3.
some progress.
get buying the big hard drives people as soon there wont be a need for buying the games.
you will need a good internet connection though as some of these files are huge.
were trying to get with fmv and without to give people lower file download options.

techie4629d ago

SO you're saying - save cancer or contribute to global warming - difficult choice. I say cancer

BIadestarX4629d ago

And more 30000 x more powerful than my digital alarm clock.
500,000 x more powerful than my wrisk watch.
1,000,000 more powerful than my home phone.
1000 more powerful than my cell phone.
1,000,000,000,000 more powerful than my pensil.

Ok, people now that I have showed you how powerful the PS3 is by performing these scientific experiments you will not have to feel bad about spending $600 on the most powerful hardware ever made.
What will you do with all that power? Who gives a $h!t !!!!!!
All you need to know is that it's powerful.. very powerful..
Don't think! Now run to the store and get as many PS3 as you can; because it is powerful.

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4629d ago

How is this not a good thing?

Any contribution is good.

Where I live (Tasmania, Australia) we are powered by hydro-electricity :)

techie4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

You certainly seem to care more than anyone else. And I think you should change it to a question scottie - because it's not proven, but estimated. Also you do realise this 30x is based on an average of the power of the pc's they are using now...which I expect would not be high-end pc's

sak5004629d ago

But my pc can do 30x more things than ps3.

Dreyals4629d ago

is supposed to work when your not gaming. When you listen to music view photos, etc etc. From my understanding it runs in the background when you do low proccesor functions. The out come is to benefit cancer research. I think it is a worth while thing.