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Erratum: Xbox Live Vision Camera date

On Major Nelsons latest Show, he had BIGVIP from the Xbox PR team on to talk about the upcoming dashboard update. Towards the end of the interview they discussed the Xbox Live Vision Camera. During this portion, he mentioned a release dates. It turns out that the dates discussed in the show are incorrect.

The (current) dates the Xbox Live Vision Camera are scheduled to be released are:

North America: September 19th
Europe and Asia (except Japan): October 2
Japan, Australia and New Zealand don't have confirmed dates yet.

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U2MOFO6393d ago

Cant wait for this. Hopefully they use it in new and interesting ways.

JA12306393d ago

i will pick this up 4 sure.......

silent ninja6393d ago

when i get an xbox 360 i might pick this one too

and thanks dusty for the new site

OutLaw6393d ago

Well what ever the date is I just hope that they make good use for the camera. Like Rainbow Six Vegas will have face mapping. Which means you can put your face in the game. If used right that could be a great idea. But I already spoke to people who is going to use their private parts as the face. So when you play Rainbow Six just look out for that funny looking head.

FamoAmo6393d ago

#4 I don't think MS will let people put just any face on the character.. On XBL I highly doubt that for sure. I bet they will have to review them or something. The camera is gonna be crazy. I think its a great idea but MS won't allow nudity and stuff I am willing to bet. Who knows though just my opinion... By the way the new site is awsome!!

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