Phil Harrison on how Playstation Home Beta will work

After the announcement that rocked the 2007 Game Developers Conference, Phil Harrison told Next-Gen in an interview what PlayStation 3 fans all wanted to hear: How exactly will the PlayStation Home Beta work?

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timmyp534625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

who will make the cut for the beta testing.

MikeGdaGod4625d ago

i check the site about twice a day to catch it. i know they won't have the window open for long. i just want to get in so everything is done right, i know that sounds funny. i got a ps3 and psp so i wanna make sure it works like they say and i hope it will. that way i can come back and tell you guys all about it and if its all they gas it up to be.

wildcat4625d ago

I know I'm never going to make the beta so that would be cool if you'd do that.

nice_cuppa4625d ago

you get a close taste of home and a pretty good driving game.

Ps3Fanboy7774625d ago

Go hate somewhere else Test Drive Unlimited is nothing like home what so ever..

You start off picking 1 or 10 pre defined characters with absolutly no customizing...

Nor does it have trophies, nor can you add your own music and pictures to the walls. Nor can you add video to the virtual tv..

Whatever. Go pay your $60 for? Achievements? LMAO how about you get a life and a job and get real achievements...

Maddens Raiders4625d ago

is really swingin' for the fences on every pitch now. The rumble settlement, HDMI 1.3, the Blu-ray victory, HOME & Little Big Planet (WOW)...??? What else do they have to do to prove they can still bring it even in the nex-gen age? Whew!

My chance for testing again will come and I hope it's on HOME if I have anything to say about it. What an experience that would be. Always good to be part of something thats 1st.

nice_cuppa4625d ago

you can see him red and screaming just by reading the post above.

calm down kid its only gaming.

oh and im 26 have my own house.
i have worked for 8 years.
and i have a girlfriend.

move out of your mums house kid.
and remember to take the pills.

PureGamer4625d ago

Grow up
Stop arguing with 13 year olds
Stop bsing in all of your posts

Ps3Fanboy7774625d ago

Seriously did you have anything relating to the topic or are you just here to piss people off?

Home and Test Drive are nothing alike if you want to make that type of statement you better be able to back it up.

Just so happend this Fanboy plays games and called him on it...

Stick with the Second Life excuse for not liking home. Even though the developers of Second Life seem to not even care what so ever...

Anyway cant wait for Home, ive also been checking the site daily. I want to get in sooo bad. The fact that devs will be on is very cool as well..

Should be a great service.

Cant wait to customize my house!

FirstknighT4625d ago

"Cant wait to customize my house!"

Or you can just clean your room before your mom yells at you again! ;)

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