Micro Forte Talks MMOs

Following several years in development, Micro Forte
gave up the ghost on Citizen Zero. Though the promising action MMO is no longer being worked on, Micro Forte has a new massively multiplayer title in the hopper, which the team believes will outshine Citizen Zero's potential. The unnamed spy-themed MMO won't be out for some time and is planned to remain secret until the Austin Game Developers Conference in September.

IGN spoke briefly with Lead Designer Paul McInnes about the benefits of using BigWorld Technology and the future of MMOs. Though McInnes remains tight-lipped about Micro Forte's new MMO, he makes some interesting promises.

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nice_cuppa4259d ago

i would prefer if you buy the game and that gives you 3 months play.
then in 3 months they do a add on for $30/£15-20 which you buy if you want to keep playing which gives you another 3 months.
and so on.