Feature: The 10 Best PSP Games

The PSP is about to turn two. So what does it have to show for it? More than you might think. The PSP gets a bad wrap for several reasons. First, it's a lot more expensive than the moderately priced DS, so it's hardly in the vicinity of an impulse buy. But more importantly, the early on development trend was to simply port or create console-like experiences on the PSP, which has led to lackluster sales and little originality.

But developers are beginning to buck the trend, creating games that are actually suited for handheld play. Sega's upcoming 2D/3D hybrid Crush is a great example, but it's not the first game to do something unique on the PSP. Here's GamePro's list of the 10 best PSP games that you must have if you do own the handheld. And if you don't, it's a great start to building an awesome library.

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PS360WII4632d ago

That's one of the worst top tens I've read in awhile :(

PSP has an okay assortment of games. Some on that top ten are okay most are not. PSP has some big ones coming so don't say it's dead just yet