NPD: Nintendo Rules February Sales

Nintendo rules home and handheld, 360 and PS3 trail.

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BIadestarX4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold 228k
Sony's PlayStation 3 sold 127k units

Sony may be winning the blu-ray vs hd-dvd war but hardly the console war. Don't blame availability becase sony said they shipped like 4 Million and they sure as hell didnt sell 4,000,000 in Japan.

I also would like to point out that eventhough the wii sold 335k the xbox 360 is dominating it terms of games sells.

"While Sony responded to last month's NPD figures by saying they were closing the gap on the Nintendo DS, they will not be able to say that this month." Sure, Sony you almost there. All you have to do is sell 309,000 more than what you are selling now to catch to the DS.

PS360WII4623d ago

Not really dominating accually. Both the MS and Nintendo sold 872k worth of software. That's a tie ^^

PS360WII4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

It's nice when not only your home console is selling like hotcakes but your handheld is un-stoppable. Both the DS and Wii outsold even the mighty PS2, and the only ones to do it also! 4 games in the top ten software sales. Yuppers that's just nuts. Good point bladestar I really don't see PSP closing any gap on the DS at all.

Neutral Gamer4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Who would have thought that Nintendo would have done this well this generation? When Sony announced the PSP a lot of people thought it was all over for Nintendo's handheld market.

When Nintendo first revealed the relatively underpowered Wii after the lower than expected sales of the Gamecube a lot of people thought there was no way back for them.

Funny how things turn out hey? I know, cos I was one of those very people who doubted Nintendo, but looks like I was WAY OFF!

NextGen24Gamer4624d ago

The top selling game is Crackdown and half of the top 10 top selling games are 360 games. Couple that with xbox 360's selling a steady mid 200k to 300 k a month in the USA since launch. With spikes during the holidays of course. Even with all the reports of price drop and a new version of the 360 to be releasd in May. I have friends who still haven't bought a 360. They are waiting for the price drop and I have friends waiting for the black 360....

Nintendo going strong even after strong second place in the next gen war and gaining slowly on the leading next gen console "the xbox 360"...

Sony....WOW....who would have imagined that the ps3...with so many consoles now in stock in the US...would only sell 100k for a month so shortly after the systems launch. I'm honestly shocked. I don't think MS over the year its been released....has ever seen a month that low....But good news for sony as a company....the ps2 at 100 dollars is still selling strong. Though I would put the ps2 in the same catogory as the ninendo DS's. Same price range. And of course the DS is kicking major booty. This bit of news is a surprise all the way around. No way for any fanboy from any side to spin these numbers. 360 is selling Games at an unbelievable rate....

Boink4624d ago

good for nintendo and MS, although I can't imagine what would happen with the 360 sales if they would DROP THE FREAKING PRICE ALREADY.

FeralPhoenix4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

I have to admit that I never expected the Wii to be "this" popular....yeah its still relatively early but those games and the whole "wii-mote" thing just isn't my "thang"....and yes if you care I have tried it for about 5 mins., yeah thats nothing but trust me I've been gaming along time and I know what I like. Fortunately for Nintendo I may have to buy one anyway because my (5 yr old) daughter has started asking for one after her "friend" said its the best thing since "chocolate." -"damm you Nintendo, damm you!".....hopefully I can keep procrastinating with the same old "oh, sweetie its too hard to find right now" line, hmmmm....but I don't think that line and Viva Pinata are going to hold for much longer. -"damm you Nintendo, damm you", errr, sorry for the rant.

Now as for M$ and Sony I think they both will be fine, M$ in particular IMO continues to deliver some great games.....I think those are very good numbers for "Crackdown" leading the way in sales. It seems certain fanboys are always commenting that the 360 only has "one" good/great game....which of course is subjective/opinion whether you think they are bad, mediocore, good, great, or "hot"/AAA but the "proofs in the pudding" and judging purely by the numbers alot of 360 games have sold very well (I bet dev's have noticed too) and I don't think so many GAMERS could be wrong. hmmmm, I guess you can say alot about 360 fans but you can't say they don't "put their money where the mouth is". -Not saying Ninty or Sony fans don't either I'm just pointing out that 360 fans(owners) in general buy more games -but obviously right now that has alot to do with the selection of games availbable on all 3 platforms right now....then again I think the original xbox owners also had a higher attatch rate. Damm!...Its good to be a Gamer!

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