Gears of War Lawyers Strike Again

Despite Mark Reins previous apology it seems that Epic's lawyers are at it again.

Pavel Dolgov, who painted a "one-of-a-kind, hand painted, acrylic on canvas" inspired by Gears of War has been warned by Epic to either destroy the item in question or send it to them. You cans see an image of the painting above this article.

There is no doubt that this is a rather silly move on Epic's part given how recently a similar situation got out of control and provided nothing but bad press for the company.

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jpod4631d ago

Can't anybody do their own fanart type stuff these days? This is going crazy.

Spud0064631d ago

This is different because he was planning on selling his art. The doll was just a gift. I would be surprised if he doesn't get more of these from what he has on his ebay store.
I thought that the MLB symbol was a copyrighted symbol but he painted it and is making money from it, I believe that is illegal. And if not it should be.

jpod4630d ago

I didn't see that part. If he is selling it, he does need to get the rights or something. Thanks for the info.

Covenant4631d ago

Epic helping him market and sell it, and taking their fair cut of the proceeds? Game companies are (slowly) learning to embrace third-party games and the occasional bit of homebrew; how is this different? Granted, he didn't get their permission, and he planned to sell it, and that violates a number of copyright laws. But rather than sue him, meet him halfway: Commission him (and others) to make original art, either for download or purchasable print art, help them market it, charge a reasonable amount, and take your share. Win/win.

Toolman4631d ago

Its clear that these people are big fans of the game, so yeah sue the crap out of them Epic, they only pay for the food on your tables.

gogators4630d ago

I wonder how much Epic would give the guy if willing turned it over to him.

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