Are Modern Gamers Spoiled?

A look at the changing face of the modern gamer. Why are modern gamers "spoiled" and how can this be a good thing for the industry?

These days, since dozens of games are released each week, there isn't as much magic and excitement to be found in getting a new game.

In the earlier days of video games, replayability could make or break a game. Because big releases came so rarely, it was important that a game last you a long time.

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Maddens Raiders4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

"Yes." But that's the price of evolution in this business. Who was I to know what the video gaming world was going to bring back when I was asking my Dad permission to unhook the rabbit ears so that I could connect the RF switch (w/ a screwdriver!) to the back of his Zenith -- just to get in a game of Combat on my Atari!?!? My, my how times have changed. Kids are spolied out of their gourds now with every possible gadget, device, and whim at nearly the touch of a button.

If ya ask me -- it's making us all weaker. Very weak indeed. The reliance on technology and automation, I mean. Weaker and more dependent. But that's another topic for another show as they say! =]

Dreyals4261d ago

My brother used to hand my arse to me in that game. Especially with richochete shots...Never forgave him that the bastich

kornbeaner4261d ago

Everything outside of the Music industry has changed, Movies, videogames, Television, it's just the way things go. As human beings we tire to quickly of the simple things in life and have to go for somthing bigger and "better". It just in our nature and what we do for entertament shows it.

Bathyj4261d ago

Is it a bad thing? Only if you read forum boards.

Bullseye4260d ago

My experience of next-gen games so far, is same as old -gen. 80% crap, 15% good and 5% great, no change there.I have loads of games on almost every platform you can think of that have never been completed.Only a few games are cherished and constantly replayed up to this day.Gamers are spoilt with regard to the number of consoles available, the quality of graphics and their relative power.However, this hasn't,in my opinion,made the good games to bad games ratio any different.Games are a very subjective thing and making a game that is popular with all ages and types of gamer will alway be an elusive commodity.We use the term 'AAA title' far to often these days,when in fact very few games get close to truly great status,but when we do get a truly great title like,(insert yours fav here)our love and trust is restored and we can tolerate the mediocre until the next classic comes along.

miasma4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Just to add a comment to your comment on using the term "AAA" title. I guess i agree with what you were saying about the percentages of great games to crap games. i definitly agree on the comment of using "AAA" title status too often, but i guess somehow it works with the masses. From my point of view, and this is just me and a handful of friends, if you were to ask me what "AAA" titles i play, i always seem to say NONE. I really don't see any game as a "AAA" title, i just see great or good games (and unfortunately some crap ones). I do alot of reading on these sites and i see people arguing over what is a great tilte. Why bother? right? i play some so called great games, and think they are pretty damn good but not as great as others i have played. It obviously comes down to what you like personally, and makes it a "AAA" for you. I tell ya, all too often, that is just how i feel about it. For me, every game has its strengths and weaknesses that make it particularly good, i'll spare everyone reading this the examples that are in my head right now.

I actually would love to see that "AAA" TITLE status be dead and gone, and just leave it to the factual reviews and just gamers talking it up on the forums, i mean, that is actually the only way i consider a game, i'm sure there are others out there doin the same thing.

Just to add a comment on the article, briefly. Spoiled, maybe, what aren't people spoiled with nowadays? But IMO the choice and amount of games out there is awsome, i play good games all the time now, even if i miss a launch, i'll get it eventually, and it is nice to know there is usually something out there for me waiting to be played. Hell yeah SPOIL THE HELL OUTTA ME!!!!!

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