Warhawk PS3: The Full Story

1UP reports: "It's no secret that Warhawk for PS3 ran into trouble last year. The game just wasn't working. And midway through development, the team, lead by director Dylan Jobe, had to make some important decisions -- decisions that ultimately led to radical changes in the game's focus, scope, and potentially even its delivery method. People left the project. Rumors circulated that it was cancelled. David Jaffe got annoyed and tried to defend it. And regardless of how any of this could be rationalized, at the end of the day, the game that remained was not what people were looking forward to.

Jobe's position is not an enviable one right now. As the person most responsible for taking Warhawk in its new direction and for now having to defend it, he faces an uphill battle against user expectation and a product already riddled with stigma. But while he regrets the way certain things have been handled in the past, he's absolutely still confident in his game, and that the decisions he and the team have made will prove correct in the end. A few weeks ago we sat down with him to discuss everything -- what happened to Warhawk, the tough decisions that had to be made, and most importantly, where the game is today -- and came away with a much better understanding of Warhawk's risky new direction. In what was one of the most candid interviews with a Sony director we've ever had, Jobe spoke at length about why they went multiplayer, what it could mean for Warhawk to be a downloadable game, and what it felt like when everyone was beating up on them."

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Covenant4633d ago

Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote film...what almost was.

However, if they have a respectable amount of the game finished, this could still be great, even if it's online only.

HighPs3v24633d ago

The online looks good but they cut their fanbase in half easily.

Talk about a lack of imagination.

sa739174633d ago

Did you even read the article.. ?

I was looking forward to the single player and was disappointed that they decided to go multi-player only. However after reading the full interview I'm pleased they've gone multi-player only.

Looking forward to getting into the possible beta they discuss :-)

soccerstar4633d ago

They will be fine with multiplayer only. The battlefield series only has online(the single player is the same thing as online only with bots) and i love them and so do lot of other people and it sells for the normal price of any other game

lilwingman4633d ago

I wasn't even interested in this game until I heard it was multi-player only. The storyline wouldn't really have enticed me at all, but now it sounds like a great game to just kick back with a couple of friends. I'm really hoping it doesn't have the $59.99 sticked price though of most PS3 games.