Retail Radar: NHRA for PS3

The PlayStation 3 already has a variety of racing games to choose from between Gran Turismo HD, Forumla One Championship Edition, Ridge Racer 7, and Need for Speed Carbon, but it so far lacks a dedicated drag racer. That could change soon, as online rental outlet GameFly has a listing for a game called NHRA Countdown to the Championship from THQ.

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OC_MurphysLaw4625d ago

wouldn't this be more of a rumor than news? Just wondering outloud.

timmyp534625d ago

how about some Motorstorm?

Merovee4625d ago

Tired of that left hand turning only NASCAR feel? Try out drag racing! free up your left hand entirely! over 1000's tracks that look identical! You can race every course in reverse because it's a straight shot in BOTH directions! Woooooooohooooooooooo.

On a serious note this game appeals to me the same way golf games do...... Virtual Boredom

Maddens Raiders4625d ago

as in a play on the Boricuan town of the Rich Port? Just wondering. a/w...drag racing? Hmmm...even though I love racing, cars, and loud, heavy metal crap in general -- I have to agree with you merovee, and say that this game would be mighty hard to hold the enthusiasm of your average ADHD afflicted American like me. No, not a good idea. =]