Playstation Home - A revolution or another Gimmick?

G4TV involved some gaming jounalists in a heated discussion on wheter Playstation home will be something of a revolution or just another short lived gimmick...

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Shrek4629d ago

I kinda understand a loyalty factor but as a gamer anytime one company does something well it is good for all gamers. If something is sucessfull you can bet that other companies will try to mimic the experience if that is what is wanted. The apps will come.....

Violater4629d ago

I hate that guy, but he is right Sony does need a Killer App. to move more consoles.
We know they are coming i.e. MGS, HS, (KZ2?) but its taking a while.
Mind u now not longer than previous consoles took to get that killer APP, but Sonyis under the microscope being at the top of the console food chain (riding the last of the PS2 wave) and being at the pinnacle they have the bullseye on their back.
Bring on the Goods Sony!
Anyway back to Motor Storm
Violater out!

XxZxX4629d ago (Edited 4629d ago )

I think the discussion is a total waste of time. In the end, it still left the audience hanging.

I don't agree on Microsoft is going to sit there and use quality software to push the consoles. They talk like Sony won't have any other quality software coming out except homes and little big planet? What kind of business people are they? That's a reason they dont run microsoft.

Of course Microsoft will have an answer, it will be a heated battle expect big announcement from both Sony and Microsoft during E3.

The_Firestarter4629d ago

Not a gimmick! End of story.

Stiffler2034629d ago

Doesn't the basics of Home already exist, oh what is called oh yeah Second Life.

Tut4629d ago

Just out of curiosity Stiffler, how long have you been playing SecondLife?

My point exactly...

Xi4629d ago

I've been playing second life for over a yeah, and own my own property. Home is user friendly second life, and to me it's useless on a console. I have a console to play games, I won't spend much time in this fake world I'm going to be playing games. I just want to be able to play with friends fast and easily.

Watch as porn skins, 14yr olds, advertisements, and micro transactions, eat away at the Home. It wont be fun, sony fans are just grasping at anything by this point, we need sony to make some killer games.

techie4629d ago

A revolution or a gimmik? The consumer decides

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The story is too old to be commented.