IGN: Pokemon Platinum Review

"Yes, it's still good. Even two years later." -Craig Harris

Freakwave0035598d ago

It feels like only yesterday when I was playing Pokemon Blue and spending $500+ on Pokemon cards.

ParanoidMonkey5598d ago

I remember getting a Charizard for the first time, my head almost exploded.

I_LOVE_MYSELF5598d ago

Head nearly exploded?

Like this kid who got Blastroise?


Blaze9295598d ago

I remember when i was on my way to Toys r Us about to pick up Pokemon Red for my birthday. Was in the car saying to myself "im about to begin my journey as a pokemon trainer!"....then i walked out with a bike instead >_>

But still got Red a few weeks later. Loved it too. Wish i had a DS

butterfinger5598d ago

playing blue, red, and yellow. I think I might pick this one up when I get a DSi in April.

xztence5598d ago

friggin pokemanz never die out :P god i was so hooked on the gba game
i think i had the red version.

ParanoidMonkey5598d ago

Man, this article is a nostalgia machine. lol

mugoldeneagle035598d ago

21 years old, 22 on April 8th, and yes...

I still play Pokemon. It's a great game.

Though I haven't collected the cards since 5th grade. Maybe this summer I'll buy a box of the first booster set like I did with my Star Wars CCG sets a few years ago

If any of you are on the fence on Platinum and haven't played one of the entrys before, buy it.

barom5598d ago

hahahah I did almost the same thing, only I played pokemon red. Charizard always look cooler than that big blue tortoise. lol I don't remember their names anymore. Was really cool though and addictive.

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Fade_Walker5598d ago

I remember playing Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold & Sliver and I had TONS of cards…but after that I just stopped.

So I will admit that I picked up Platinum today…and I like it a lot.

Kappa Mikey5598d ago

I remember playing pokemon gold, in my opinion the best pokemon game ever ahhh the good old days

El_Colombiano5598d ago

It was the best. Two regions, 16 badges. All the Pokemon felt original and natural. What's there to hate?

Kevin McCallister5598d ago (Edited 5598d ago )

The real-time day/night cycle in Gold and Silver was the most amazing thing ever to me for some reason. Still amuses me in Platinum...

Kappa Mikey5598d ago

yess mates! ahh i remember at the very end you got to finally face ash, just incredible and epic!!!

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