Retailers praise PS3 supply chain, Demand is getting 'crazy'

Retailers are expecting a "huge" launch for the PlayStation 3 next week, as Sony's latest home console finally reaches Europe.

Aside from the official launch at Virgin Megastores' flagship Oxford Street branch, entertainment, specialist and independent stores across the UK are opening at midnight to fulfil pre-orders and sell consoles to punters eager to get their hands on the next-gen Sony machine.

"The launch of the PS3 is going to be huge," commented Jorden Jones, product manager at specialist chain Gamestation - which will be opening over 200 stores at midnight on March 22.

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GaMr-4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

1 MINUTE....They Doubt it... Next Minute...They Praise it...

I say all this shyt is bogus. As with everything else. this hand me down info sucks major ballz. Best bet Wait and see how the actual consumers react. Cause im sure all this news is hog-wash. Wether pro or anti Sony. Its all bullshyt.

*Sorry to sound ignorant again....Im just a little ticked off @ God of War 2 right now*

I missed the first Gorgans eye inside the colossus now I have to start over and im playing on "GOD" difficulty.... arrrrrrrghhhhhhh !!!!

Snow in NY baby... Office maybe closed tomorrow...


EDIT: ... No its no Keyra.. I know who it is.. and thats all that matters... lol

Black Republican4261d ago


lol jp
she is damn fine

fenderputty4261d ago

as to how the addition of the European buyers will affect overall PS3 sales. I'm sure they will go up but, to what extent. I wonder what overall sales will look like come June or December of next year. There seems to be a lot of demand over there and, they're getting the system at a time in which games and features are coming out or being fixed.

OldSchoolGamer4261d ago

Just read three different articles on here today ranging from UK retailers trying to use different methods to drum up demand, another saying only 2/3 of the units were pre-ordered and the rest were barely getting orders added, and the article went so far as to say some would be available for walk up purchase on the first day. Finally, we get this. Is this a case of another retailer trying to drum up demand, or is this true and the others were wrong?

PureGamer4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

i work in GAME and have friends in other shops such as virgin, Gamestation, and woolworths. They have been turning back customers because they dont have any more preorders left. Our GAME shop have sold out our preorders and we are looking forward to a good week ahead of us :), come thursday night we will have a que outside GAME waiting for people to come in. I will be in the que because i got the night off ha ha.

So basically the other articles are wrong. Also starfleets are you blind? or mentally insane? or did your mother drop you when you were a little baby?

aaquib24261d ago

Suck it up, because march.23rd a million consoles is gone to fans, followed by millions more. The hype there is freaking crazy, there is gon be people lining up, people killin eachother for it, robberies, homicides, sucidies, whatever. Suck it up you xflop fanboys, the hype aint ever gon be this crazy for your console, even though you had 20% of this many consoles in Europe, so suck it up.

Saber4261d ago

*lmfao* that's some funny sh**...

Monchichi0254261d ago

You sound like all the Sony fans here in America weeks before the launch!! Look where we are now.... Sony is STRUGGLING to even compete.

Fact is Hardcore Sony fans will flood to the stores the day it launches due to all the hype that Sony is feeding the consumers. But a month later, after all the hardcore gamers are all set... your PS3's will stack up in stores all across Europe as they did in the U.S and Japan. Why??? Because no matter how you look at it, that price tag is ridiculos for the Mass market.

So enjoy your day in the sun, because the forecast is already predicted to be cloudy all year long for Sony fans.

Grown Folks Talk4261d ago

the minute the PS3 is available for sale in europe, microsoft will cease all production of the 360, demand that developers stop producing games for it, and pull all available stock from every retailer in the world. everyone that has to this point already purchased a 360 will immediately trade it in towards a PS3 if they have not already done so. support centers will open up across the world to help the feeble minded people who thought the 360 was actually worth buying move forward with their lives. and finally, all the people of the world will come together and boycott anything with x in the title, which in turn will lead to this site only being frequented by those with voice command on their pc due to the keyboard having an x key on it and being discarded. anybody who has the intelligence to use terms like "xflop", obviously has more knowledge than the masses. i now realize the error of my ways, and am off to destroy my 360 and everything associated with it. thank you aaquib2. thank you for showing me the light.

Juevani4261d ago

compete with who?? wha?? the xpired 360 aint sellin shyyt and nintenwho?? cant deliver.. did u really believe that Sony's situation was permanent?? dude wake up..

gta_cb4261d ago

well aaquib2 we will just have to wait and see, i will be sticking with my XBox 360 ya know the one that is doing REALLY well and has the most exclusive titles and has already 4months ahead of schedule beaten its aim of getting 6million XBoxLive members (or more i cant remember cos its sooo... many) so yeh when the PS3 does better then its suppose to and dont bother coming back the day of the launch going "Sony is great blah blah blah" because after a while the fanboys will get there PS3s then people like me (logical people) will wait and see what happens.

i am NOT a fanboy, i got my 360 in October 06 because i played on a friends and loved it, i have always had a PS2 until then, and i WILL buy or get brought a PS3 in the future. but you sound like a typical Sony fan boy...

Runnin n Gunnin4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Please, do everyone on this website a favor and never post again. Not once have you added anything intelligent to any discussion. :-P The 360 is a great system, its sold 10 million units and is a huge success just about everywhere except Japan. I'd like to see your response to this, but WHOOOPS, you filled up your 1 bubble, TO BAD :-p

*EDIT* this is in response to Juevani of course and not gta cb

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PSN Starfleets4261d ago

Here in the UK - the hype level is at 0 percent man.

GaMr-4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

Im not agreeing with number 4 but your post is Bullshyt too. Thats not true... This console is being sought after all over the region. Just cause your not hyped doesnt speak for thousands even millions. Sony is known for the most choatic launches ever and UK is known just for being Choatic period. So he's pretty right on with the murders,robberies and so on. Im not pro or anti anything but facts are facts... People want the PS3 no matter what you think or convince yourself to think. I know I have a brother in London and my family is from Glasgow


EDIT: Starfleet I understand you alot better in your 3rd post...

Notice the Irony under you though. An XBox360 Forum Troll named: I H8 Sony Trolls

lol N4G never ceases to amaze me. lmfao

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