Media Molecule's Alex Evans: LBP Paint Gun Was "Just A Taster Of What's To Come", Game Changing Patches In The Works

Alex Evans, co-founder of LittleBigPlanet, talks about the games business model, future DLC and patches. "When prompted by Geoff Keighley on the development of an LBP sequel, Alex Evans, founder of Media Molecule, answered "the whole team is working on LBP, whether that comes out in a sequel or DLC isn't an issue. We're just doing whatever we'd be doing anyway and the way that comes out isn't really important.""

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thor4685d ago

I highly suspect that they will do a "Singstar Vol. 2" with LBP.

The "sell a game and then release DLC packs" business model just doesn't work, for the simple reason that you're cutting down your market from ALL PS3 owners, to owners of that particular game. People move on; most people who own the game wouldn't be interested in DLC, however exciting. Releasing a sequel means your market is the whole PS3 install base.

On the other hand, it's great that they keep supporting the game so that the community doesn't die out.

By releasing a "LBP Ultimate Edition" or "LBP Vol. 2" with new story levels, new objects like the paintinator, and DLC thrown in for free, as well as releasing the extra content as DLC for owners of the original game, they can spark new interest in the game among current owners AND people who missed out the first time.

GWAVE4685d ago

Normally, I would agree with you. However, LBP is focused on online, community gameplay. Yes, eventually it would do them well to release a "Super Pack" for the game, but for now their support of the game fosters the design philosophy that this is a game meant to be played online.

agentfoxe-n4g4685d ago

You're correct.

The sad part of the market is such that even though this is an online-heavy title, that title-awareness is critical.
This is one of the primary reasons why it was sold on a disc rather than online. Sure, they can toss all sorts of videos and language packs on one disc, but that's only because they have room to spare.

Gotta keep the retailers happy man.. just look at the insane policy of giving demos to game retailers (Killzone2, R2 demos were retail pre-order madness in the US).

Kain814685d ago

and i hope for an announcement of the new game that they work on

fishd4685d ago

First person LBP will knock you off your feet!

get2sammyb4685d ago

A while ago, they did an interview with someone and showed off that they can actually run the game in first person thanks to the engine.

Dunno how useful it would be, mind.

cranium4685d ago

A first person view would be nice. If you don't like it just stick with the default view. Like most people, I like options.

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The story is too old to be commented.