Sony to Debut UK Challenger to iTunes

ecommercetimes Reports:

"Sony will soon go head-to-head with Apple in the downloadable entertainment market, launching an online store selling films, music and TV shows in the UK. The service will first be offered only to PlayStation 3 users, however the store could later open to computer users as well. Sony also plans to allow users to upload their own content for others to see."

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timmyp534631d ago

i can wait for Home so i can share my movies , music stuff with friends.

FKN Unbelievable4631d ago

To bad ya'll can't play games together. I feel your pain brother. I can Go to your room but i can't play games with you. San Quientin state prison online.

nice_cuppa4631d ago

uk got sick of waiting or being overcharged.
bit torrent solved the problem and is free.
i know 4 guys who sell monthly cd's you put in your pc and transfer to mp3/4 players for £5.00 that have all latest music on them.
buy the disc...transfer what you disc.

itunes does ok but unless sony is cheaper or stop letting itunes have sony music i dont see the point.

the only way i can see sony getting anywere is if it allows music download to ps3 and transfer from ps3 to mp3/4 playeers meaning people without pc's could get on it.