Sony Hopes Social Networkers Will Go 'Home' Reports:

"I think [the virtual environment landscape] is kind of like 'Everquest' was five years ago when it had 400,000 users and everyone was trying to create their own version," PJ McNealy, videogame analyst for American Technology Research, told TechNewsWorld. "So, 'World of Warcraft' came out and hit seven million. Right now, you have virtual worlds and things like the Xbox 360 Latest News about Xbox 360 with six million people online -- we're still seeing the iteration of business models here; we're still at the early stages."

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eclipsegryph4327d ago

I dunno, this whole "Second Life", and online social networking thing just doesn't sit right with me. It's obvious that I'm in the vast minority with my line of thinking, but when I think multiplayer, I think of people being at my house, sharing sodas, and looking at different parts of the tv screen. When I think of social networking I think of going to a party over at a friend's house and eating appetizers and mingling with his other friends.

I wonder how many other people out there really do think like that.