Microsoft lashes out at Sony and Apple - signs of desperation?

Recently Microsoft lashed out against two of its competitors by taking jabs. The casualties in the latest wave of insults from Microsoft are none other than Apple and Sony. It seems like trash talking might just be a corporate mandate over at Microsoft. However, some might argue that such mudslinging could be due to insecurity or desperation.

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Bill Gates4268d ago

Estos estupidos BABOONS son peores que la mierda que sale de mi culo .....AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

karan86244267d ago

I dont know what you said, but your name is Bill Gates so i disagree

YungXclusive2K94268d ago

Microsoft's Gaming division will not thrive this year if sony's playstation 3 gets a price cut. So many casual gamers are loyal to the playstation brand name, they just feel that its way too expensive. I don't blame them its a recession people are losing thier houses and a few more hundred after $400 + Tax is like half of their mortgage.

But if all these people can buy a wii at $250 they won't mind paying a little more for a ps3. 360's over over saturated with Mature in mind.
PS3 has titles for everybody, and some even think (like me) Killzone 2 is a much better online shooter than anything on the 360. Story wise its up to you but online its a no brainer.

Personally i loved Killzone 2's story epic awesome campaign gameplay, realistic guns, Scary smart enemies

4268d ago
Fowack4268d ago

Why dis, get a life man. You just told the dude you'd be looking for him later. you need to get your priorities straight, defending microsoft shouldn't be at the top of yur list.

In my books you rank amongst the top 10 fanboys on this site and thats not something you should be proud of.

GWAVE4268d ago

All I have to say that if we are to believe that Sony and Apple are doing so horribly as Microsoft would want us to think, what does Microsoft have to show us? Huh? A copycat of 7? A new motherboard replacement for the 360 to "fix" the RRoD (while the "One Ring of Death" E76 errors run rampant)? Maybe we'll see the Zune finally overtake the iPod like Microsoft boasted about all those years ago? Maybe Microsoft has some new IPs and studios to announce for it's not-so-profitable gaming division?

And think on this: Nintendo dominated the industry when it entered the market and changed it the next generation, too (NES/SNES). Sony did the same thing with PS1/PS2. What excuse does Microsoft have? They didn't do it with the XBox, and they're not doing it with the 360. Do they have any right to boast yet?

ZuperAmazingCooKie4268d ago

"I'll be looking for you later on as I always do with all the other haters."

No you don't and you won't. You're so much of a coward that ignore everyone in order to live in your own little delusional world.

HolyOrangeCows4267d ago

MS and Greenberg have proved themselves to be big babies.

I'm glad MS is getting some real competition. Those faceless goons need a slap off of their thrones.

yaboi4267d ago

are u POG?? I think we all want to know

madpuppy4267d ago

You fail if you think that you are convincing anybody that you are anything other than a troll. What fuels your statements? what benefit do you gain from them? Is there something specific that you dislike about the PS3 or Sony in particular?
can or better still, would you be able to list the things that make you so angry and smug toward the PS3?

jeseth4267d ago

Why Dis . .. .no one wants to hear what you have to say because you are a bias fanboy.

1 bubble. Hilarious.

I did not murder him4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

The irony. Was number one being sarcastic!? I'm baffled why number one even got responses and agrees. The piece is contradicting and so are all your comments. Demonise MSFT while ignoring commonality of issues is the way of N4G and most of its members. Most the comments coming from fans on this site are about nothing so its no surprise people don't give the time of day to them other than to call BS.

Who would waste their time getting in discussions with such one sided bullheaded attitudes 24/7?

Call it out and move on.

On topic. Apple is probably getting under MSs skin but Sony being in the position they're in and MS pointing that out on their good note is hardly desperation.

"Killzone 2 is a much better online shooter than anything on the 360"

Lie or opinion sounds like he doesn't know any better.

"360's over over saturated with Mature in mind"

Misleading lie and with all due respect ignorant the has the biggest lineup with the most diverse selection in the console market.

"Microsoft's Gaming division will not thrive this year if sony's playstation 3 gets a price cut"

Wild Speculations

It would've been easier to call his comment a paranoid rant like why dis.

ChickeyCantor4267d ago

" But if all these people can buy a Wii at $250 they won't mind paying a little more for a ps3 "

But thats the thing, WHY SHOULD THEY BUY A PS3?
I have a PS3 myself, but Sony isn't telling these people why they should run to the stores and get a Ps3.
Their promotion just sucks balls and we all know it.

Would be nice to see them succeed, but honestly if they have a price cut(what will damage them now financially), they would still need to promote it right.

Viper74267d ago


Yeah it would really be nice to get hardware that is build specialy with linux in mind. Many have gotten all kinds of errors that have bushed them away from Linux just because developers dont support. Having more computers that are made 100% for use with linux would really be welcome addition in my eyes.

Those Tar.gz packages are similar to "zip files" most software that is still shared trough those means are basicly made by smaller underground groups of coders or something. Most of the software nowdays is shared trough .deb files that are even simpler than windows install files. You dont need to specify any folders or anything. Just give it permission to install and its installed.
or just find it trough package manager and mark it and install and your good to go.

cant get any simpler or faster from that trough todays OS:ses. Not to mention more secure.

The lack of support from developers is really the only downside I can see in Linux, but then again is it the operating systems fault? I really do hope to see more competition on the os markets in next years.

thats_just_prime4267d ago

The title alone prove that this is nothing more then the ranting of an idiot fanboy. MS desperate ? Desperate for what to be one of the wealthiest companies in the world ? Oh wait they already are on of the wealthiest comapanies in the world.

jrsenkbe4267d ago

This is exactly why I hate MS. Its just like when the origial xbox came out and MS stated that it was better because it was from an American company.

Aquanox4267d ago

Microsoft is desperated, outselling Sony for 6 months in a row is killing them...

Mike Wallace4267d ago

I used to read his comments on the old PSU forums...this guy is informed and tasteful and classy. People should follow this guy's example.

- Ghost of Sparta -4267d ago

Lol @ Why dis making internet threats. What a sad little fella.

slayorofgods4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Putting aside all feelings about how good or bad the xbox 360 is, I'd have to say I really disagree with the way Microsoft has been conducting business lately. Despite them trying to use the attack the competitors tactic and playing into the economic card they have been doing nothing but making me grow farther away from actually wanting to buy a xbox 360. The xbox 360 seems like a good system, but when I hear people like Greenburg trash talk and spinning the truth like he has been doing, then I feel Microsoft doesn't deserve anymore cash.

@ Mike Wallace a person isn't exactly tasteful and classy when they are being snide.

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krouse934268d ago

Do Microsoft employees think before they speak?

1st. Microsoft sells Microsoft Word for Apple Computers do they honestly not want any sales???

2nd. Sony Makes F'n computers that use Microsoft's OS the Sony Vaio brand!

Honestly what are they thinking if i was Sony I would start to think now would be the time to sell their computers with a new OS all their own and push it like crazy cause i would be fed up with working with a company that is constantly dissing you for making products that include their Operating System on it like W T F!

Jesus Microsoft get a grip!

Kain814268d ago

with there Vaio Computers.
PS3 do it

hippo244268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

You cant push open source sonny.

No one needs to put a Linux kernel on a new computer because open source, so packaging it in with a new computer is like saying you get the air that comes in the box.

If people want Linux its only a few clicks away and it wont cost you a dime. So packaging Windows in with a PC is something to talk about because windows costs money, while Linux does not.

stevenhiggster4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Microsoft are starting to look like unproffesional idiots! With the sort off trash talk they are doing they look like nothing more than fanboys!

Apple products are over priced though.

ElementX4268d ago

Linux for home users would be very unpopular because of lack of support and issues with drivers, especially new hardware. Another thing, to install software you have to download tz files and extract them, then compile it. The average user won't want to deal with that.

CyberCam4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

You are correct in regards to the lack of name brand hardware (Dell, Sony, HP etc.) technical phone support, BUT there is a wealth of online support all over the internet and in certain areas, there are IT support companies like the ones I own, that also support home linux users. To be honest linux has more support for hardware drivers than windows in a default install... with M$ you have to go all over the place to fine drivers, with linux it's build within!

As for downloading & installing software for linux, you are far from correct! It's actually MUCH EASIER than M$ Windows... 99% of the software for linux can be found in the distro repositories and is only a couple of clicks to download & install (a much easier process than windows). All software in linux can be easily update through one central interface (package manager)... while M$ software have to be downloaded all over the place, which is why you'll all kinds of updater software (Adobe, Java etc.) running in the background on windows, slowing you PC down to a crawl.

Edit: I love how people on this site are so quick to hit the disagree button without having any knowledge of what they are voting on. My statement above in FACT from being in the IT support biz for over 20 years (supporting M$, Apple/MAC, Unix & Linux), if you can prove me wrong then do so with a post and not whimp out with a disagree vote... cowards!

Mindboggle4268d ago

Apple and Sony should team up, we all know the OSX is the best OS out there, but its just too expensive. Now if Sony were to team up with Apple and offer Vaios with OSX it would be amazing, and Microsoft would have some serious competition...

The only thing is Sony and Apple dont really do cheap....But times can always change...

GrandTheftZamboni4267d ago

Sony is now packaging their own OS with XMB interface together with Vista. You can either boot up Vista or XMB which loads in no time.

krouse934267d ago

i forgot about that thanks yea they sarted and even put it in side of the Vaio P and stuff.

But why would Sony use Linux i mean what makes the MS Windows not Linux or OSX not Linux what I was saying is that Sony should make a new OS and have Toshiba and other Asian Companies use it in their laptops and desktops and eventually have american companies use it as the Main OS. Because Sony and Toshiba are Cool they both Worked on The Cell Processor together and Toshiba makes a bunch of the other Chips in PS3 and Also I saw stuff on the inside of the PS3 controller that had the Toshiba name on it.

Some one needs to teach MS a Lesson!

GrandTheftZamboni4267d ago

I use my PC mostly for Internet browsing, emails, multimedia stuff. All of that I can do on PS3. Occasionally I open a document or a spreadsheet, edit some multimedia files which I cannot in PS3's GameOS. So, basically PS3 and maybe Wii can do 99% of my computing needs due to these two consoles having an Internet browser. Maybe this fact is the reason why MS doesn't want to include Internet Explorer in 360.

krouse934267d ago

Yea I should probably just install Linux onto my PS3 lol but See i use Cinema 4D and I need to Use it for 3D modelling on PC i mean other than that Program and 3DS MAX I Barely use my PC

Do you use your PS3 to browse and post on this site. It would be sweet if google chrome made a PS3 Browser. :)

ElementX4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Well, I guess I was taught the command-line way. Our instructor was a hardcore command line user and against the GUI. I need to spend more time with Linux to figure it all out. The home user would have to, also.

As for support, how could the home user get access to the online support if their network connection wasn't configured? In class we had to set up a printer on a network and what-not. We had to download Apache from an FTP site, extract and compile it with the "make" and "make install" commands.

The fact is that people like things they're familiar with. That's why the US doesn't use the metric system. Once people are comfortable with something, it's extremely hard to change, especially operating systems.

Anyway, if enough companies installed Linux on their machines, everyone would be forced to learn it. People have been using Windows for years and so they're comfortable with the interface, they know what File Manager, Notepad, and Paint are for.

I have a dual boot at home, but I use Windows and need to spend more time with Linux

GrandTheftZamboni4267d ago

After sleeping on a sofa I browse Internet from PS3. It's in a living room. I really like PS3 web browser with the controller. I got used to avoiding pressing L1 and R1. That drove me crazy. But, usually I post from my PC (Ubuntu & Firefox) because I'm not allowed to smoke in the living room :(

ChickeyCantor4267d ago

" think sony should back up Linux /Unbuntu more"

But only programmers would really benefit from it( or the "casual" user who only surfs the web or uses an IM client), However packages like those from Adobe won't run on such OS( yes yes yes you can do it with some extra effort but it never runs as efficient as it should).

Sony already supports YellowDog.
Linux is great but since it lacks the software i have been working with for almost my whole life its not something i can use daily.

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Raoh4268d ago

ballmer always talks trash, i miss gates. at least he had finesse and tact.

the xbox division only lashes out when they get good news on sales. when they not doing as well as expected they dig their heads in the ground and ignore whats going on around them.

Mike134nl4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

-Apple products (I-phone) are overpriced (compared to phones running on microsoft mobile os)
-Sony ps3 would sell better with a lower price more comparable with the xbox 360

They should just follow microsoft advice and lower their prices

San Frandisco4268d ago

Fully agreed bro.. im a huge apple fan and of course sony fan but there prices (excluding ps3) are way to exspensive.
all your paying for is the brand name witch is strait retarted imo.

i built my own pc not to long ago for around 1500 witch is 2 times more powerfull with better graphics card and top notch CPU speed as compared to the highest (that i know of) apple computer out there witch last time i checked is more then $2,000.

however some of sonys stuff is priced reasonably like ps3 imo and i just bought some awesome headphones for heck of cheap.

so imo i think apple and sony should team up and destroy M$.

Johnny Rotten4268d ago

If Apple dropped the price of their laptop by at least a third I would buy one instantly.

Godmars2904268d ago

Advice from a company that can't put out reliable products. Who try to undercut well established competition with unreliable products at that.

ultimolu4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I think Apple and Sony know how to run their own business. They don't need a company like Microsoft to tell them what to do.

Elven: I don't consider Microsoft's arrogant talk to be business. To me, it sounds as if they're taking it too far.

Elven64268d ago

Ultimulu: Well apparently Jobs did in the 90s when he came to Microsoft asking for money to keep Apple afloat.

What you guys have to understand is this is just business talk, sure they say such things but they are also partners in many ventures.

No FanS Land4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Microsoft has got too much spare time. Anyway I don't have financial problems (own a macbookpro15.4" aluminium unibody, 80Gb PS3 MGS4 bundle and a falcon360 in aluminium case mod) but I agree that brand name is a lame excuse to put prices higher, however, apple sells less so they must boost their prices to make a profit in the long run. And sony has a console with crazy costly components.

EDIT: I also forgot, I'm currently looking for a jdm Toyota Supra :P.

GrandTheftZamboni4267d ago

I bought Mac Mini for $600 year and a half ago. I think it's a decent price for such a beautiful package. Got an aluminum bluetooth keyboard and mouse for it. Top notch quality American product.

odisho684267d ago

i have a macbook pro, iphone and ps3 and i can't say that the price wasn't worth it...with apple and sony i get reliability...something i can't get with the 360 or other products out there...

I would think if sony and apple did team up (games division/computers/cell phones/mp3 players/home theater/car electronics/cameras...etc...) we could see a fall in Microsoft's ability to control any of the major entertainment divisions...ipod and iphone featuring the xmb??? the app store featuring games made by sony?? full itunes and app store support for ps3??? apple making blu ray the standard in new macs??? osx standard in all new vaio computers???

hey sony and apple products are already the most expensive in their respected electronic divisions...why not combine the 2 to counteract microsoft's constant bashing of both companies????

hahaha the app store and itunes would look great on the playstation store and i would love to see my iphone being supported by my chat would be awesome

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