Neocrisis: FEAR 2 Review

Neocrisis: Something happened back in 2005... FEAR happened. Arguably the best first person shooter since Half Life 2 at the time and praised for its mixture of white knuckle action and horror story, great visuals and tense atmosphere. Critics however noted the linearity of the levels and a certain lack of variety, so now it's time for round two. Monolith has assured us they remedied the problems of the first game, let's find out how they've managed.

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F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin, a Ten Year Reunion

WTMG's Kyle Nicol: "Whilst F.E.A.R 2 wasn’t the masterpiece I remembered from ten years ago, with its combat and level design being worse than the original, it is still a fun game that is well worth playing through today. "

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20 Years of Horror on PlayStation Part 3: Horror's Death & Resurrection

PSU writes:

PSU continues its look at the horror genre over the past 20 years on PlayStation platforms, with our latest entry looking at the tail end of the PS2 era and into a new generation with the release of the PS3. Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Siren: Blood Curse, and F.E.A.R. are just some of the pant-wetting pleasures you'll find in part 3.


The Koalition’s Scariest Video Games of All Time

Stephanie Burdo from The Koalition writes:

"With Halloween just around the corner, TheKoalition.com has decided to list some horror games which petrified us the most.

Please note that this list is in no particular order. Each selection has been made by individual writers who found their respective choice their most terrifying experience in gaming."

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DarkOcelet2902d ago

I mostly agree with those except with Alan Wake, it wasnt scary at all.

But a great list overall.

UltraNova2901d ago

I've played all games on the list. Alan wakes was intense at certain moments not scary. Fatal Frame; I was quite young then it got me scared shit less(damn camera). The evil within was ok but Resident evil scared me more back in the day (maybe its because I got older, dont know).

As for PT? ok...I advice people NOT to use surround headsets whie playing this...Jesus... I could hear her moan behind me right on top of my ear at times and I could for the life of me turn around...mind f***

But my god does Alien Isolation raise my heart beat. When you're being chased by the xenomorph and you know you are totally defenseless against it can scare the bejesus out of you, things get worse when you realize that running for it when you encounter the beast makes things worse, yeah...

That said Silent hill 2 was scary as shit as well, especially when the Pyramid head chased you...

KurtRussell2901d ago

My first playthrough of Alan Wake was without HUD so the first couple hours was kinda kinda scary, occasionally being lost in the woods chased by possesed rednecks.
Alien Isolation was really intense and i'd say it's the scariest game overall i played. Sadly i haven't played PT since im PC only, but watched the first 15min online and it looks sick.
But the scariest moments for me were wandering at night in STALKER games, scarier than all the smeared guts on the walls and closet monsters of Evil Within and Dead Space. It has such an oppressive atmosphere that no game comes close, and that's whats missing in most horror games. Looks like a tough one to successfully pull off.
Real shame such games are so rare, out of hundreds i played only few were scary.

UltraNova2900d ago

Hmm i need to play STALKER...

As for scary games not being that scary anymore \I thing its that we've seen it all and nothing surprises us anymore...

Now Alien Iso was scary not because it had the new thing, it was a cat and mouse chase on a spaceship again but the devs played with the sound in such a way that they breathed new life to a tired concept (cat and mouse).

Remember that time early in the game after that guy got impaled by the Xenomorph? Now from there we walked in the transit area and called the transit... smoke filled the dark area and a heart-pounding music started while we waited for the train car. Tell me that cant scare the bejusus out of anyone! I was literally waiting to get dismembered by the xenomorph while hiding like crazy! INTENSE. And that was just the start of the game!

Thats ^^^ what we need more of!

DualWielding2901d ago

only game that has really scared me is Fatal Frame 2