Japan: Sony Conquers All

A clean sweep for Sony consoles and PS3 games in Japan. Well, nearly…
It's been a while since we last took a slightly puzzled look at the Japanese games market. But much has changed since we last visited, not least of which an apparent end to Nintendo's stranglehold of the software charts - Wii and DS games now only account for four of the top ten games versus six for Sony platforms. Who knew!

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sinncross5603d ago

I don't think the PS3 is quite at that stage in japan to get a nice average per week constantly.

I suppose after the FF7AC bundle it will be (ppl cud prepare for FF13) but I do see Sony announcing those 5 internal RPG's as highly important. I can only assume that 3, at the very least, are JRPG's. Sony have a good first party development team so these should be quality titles.

Once FF13 has released, along with those announcements, I think the PS3 will be relatively safe in Japan.

SuperM5603d ago

Please stop the "5 internal RPGs" sh1t. Its fake news. Its not happening. Sony dont even have any internal RPG team, and the guy who brought the news has been proven a fraud.

StephanieBBB5603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

Can you back up your claims with some fact? You did about 4 of em in your comment and I'd like some evidence.

*Edit. I didn't think so...

IzKyD13315603d ago

PS3 outsold 360 and Wii for like the past 4 weeks. Does Square even read these charts, or are they too busy swimming in Microsoft's checks and Wada's bullsh!t

PirateThom5603d ago

Sony do have some RPG franchises though.

Dark Cloud
Arc the Lad
Jeanne d'Arc
Legend of Dragoon
Rogue Galaxy

Considering Level-5 worked on Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy, I see no reason why they wouldn't take up a PS3 version of either game. Same with a few other of those franchies/devs

eagle215603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

And DS + DSi were less than PSP.

Did you see Sony boasting, being arrogant? Nope. Congrats to Sony. :)

gameplayer5603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

Is this really what N4G has come to?! So every time there are murmurs and mumblings on random forums, they have to be proven wrong with links and articles and facts otherwise we will just assume that those forum mumblings and murmurs and rumours and heresay are completely fact? Really? Well, somebody inform the courts that they have it all backwards... it's now guilty until proven innocent!

Look how PirateThom replied, much more reasonable and intelligent. See how it's all credible and stuff?

Montreafart5603d ago

I knew.

Saw it coming miles away.
We complained that PS3 had no games in 2007. Well in Japan, that was the case in 2007 AND 2008.

Playstation platforms always start of slow. But once it gets going. Its like an unstoppable juggernaut going 400 miles an hour.

PS3 is not yet at 400 miles an hour but you bet your ass its at 150-200 now. Picking up steam as more Triple A games gets released.

Its not a good time to be in if you are the competitor. Trust me. The competitor (there are only 2) are scared. Very scared. One has a nice cushion of money flow and console sales to fall back on. But the other?

The other has already started slashing costs (lay offs and closing down studios). Why do you think they trash talk so much about Sony. They are scared man. Very scared.

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Freakwave0035603d ago

You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

patterson5603d ago

Everything else is where it should be.
Proof again that the Japanese have very good taste :)

gamesmaster5603d ago

either that or there's no one left in japan without a wii.

Rip-Ridah5603d ago

Holds the key to the shift in balance in this "so-called" console war. Well, I should say Asia in general. Once the numbers from the "Far East" begin to rise for the PS3 expect the gap to close considerably fast.