Okami sold well on Wii after all?

Valay of reports:

"This is pretty interesting. In the past, some comments made by Capcom representatives didn't exactly make it seem as though Okami was doing too well on Wii in terms of sales numbers. However, comments from Capcom Product Manager Colin Ferris indicate that the the game "definitely did well" after all.

This is what Mr. Ferris said about Okami on a recent Inner Party podcast.

'As for the Clover IPs, we did just release Okami on the Wii. And it did have some very good success on the Wii. It definitely did well. So we were excited about that. As for revisiting some of them [Clover IPs], you know, I can't rule anything out but we don't have anything planned.'"

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TheHater4273d ago

What exactly would they consider "well"? Without any figures, I cannot take them on their words

SinnedNogara4273d ago

Funny, as of March 21, 2009 I bought the game yesterday. A new copy for 32 dollars. The game is good.

lordgodalming4272d ago

Well done on buying an amazing game. I've got it for PS2, but I'm sure it's terrific on the Wii too. Hope you enjoy it.

Mahr4273d ago

Well, considering it was a port where they de-credited the entirety of the original dev team, I don't imagine that it had to move that many units to sell 'well', in terms of profit.

Whether it sold enough to warrant a sequel is a different question entirely. One that is probably in the negative, unfortunately.

demoneyeslaharl4273d ago

Decredited... WTF?

... meh. I bought the game on my PS2, and a porud owner of it. I thought having it sold well on the Wii would be a good thing... but damn.

Mahr4272d ago

"Decredited... WTF?"

Seriously, the Wii version doesn't actually have any credit sequence to speak of; not of the original dev team and not even of whoever did the port. It just ends.

Smacktard4272d ago

That's actually false. It has credits of the Ready at Dawn studio -- the people that did the port. They didn't have any credits of the original members of Clover who did the original game, though.

SinnedNogara4272d ago

Decredited..why would they even do that??


Yeah, and the Wii version cover art also has the IGN watermark. Just letting you know!

Mahr4272d ago

"That's actually false. It has credits of the Ready at Dawn studio -- the people that did the port. They didn't have any credits of the original members of Clover who did the original game, though."

Are you certain about that? I seem to recall going directly from the results screen back to the title screen after beating Yami.

Hold on, I have a save before the final boss so I can check.

Let's see, results screen, congratulations screen, presents from Issun, opportunity to save and start new game... and back at the title screen.

Nope, no credits.

Shnazzyone4272d ago

I beat the game not too long ago and lo and behold when you beat it there ARE credits and in those credits is a section called "original team". I do believe those listed on those credits are not just the ready at dawn folks.

Mahr4272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

"I beat the game not too long ago and lo and behold when you beat it there ARE credits"

Um, I beat the game again *two hours ago* and there were no credits. I'm sorry, but there aren't any in the Wii game. Period.

If your game has credits, and credits which include the original staff no less, by all means, put them up on youtube. I'd love to see them.

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Socomer 19794272d ago

like the money in your own pocket ?
who gives a dam about sales really if you can't even be succesful in your own lives?
I'm starting to think that people who put too much thought into this are pretty poor & need to feel good about a company they dont work for make money.

Video gamers ain't supposed to be about this.
Which only means that you will never be your own boss because you are just a customer.
you spend it they save it. Do you really care if some guy in Idaho is just as happy too?
then why are you trying to kill him online?

You care? Then wait till its all said & done. In the end, look at the bottom line instead of wasting your poor life tracking monthly sales for 5 years like xbox360 gamers do. As nintendo fans, this is below you.
you're better than that & I thank you.

mastiffchild4272d ago

Socomer-surely looking at the sales of Okami on Wii in the hope that other Clover IP's or Okami itself may get a sequel is fair enough and not "below" anyone.

Though I'd bought and played it on PS2 I still got the Wii version as the missus hadn't played it and if the sales do warrant a sequel then it can only be good news. I get what you say about it being unseemly to constantly worry over figures but in this case I think people just want to know if another game is either possible or likely.

ChaoticStupid4272d ago

Upset Sony gamer? Sorry kid but sales do matter. If games do not sell they dont get sequel. Just because the PS3 has the worst sales of any console in history doesnt mean sales do not matter any more. They just do not matter to the people who cant pull the up as proof their console is better.

Sorry we own console that actually get good sales. Doesnt mean we're suddenly going to stop because Sony isnt number one and I have a feeling that if SOny was number one in sales. you wouldnt be talking about how they dont matter.

N4g_null4272d ago

We are not poor what made you think that? I mean we have some of the highest priced games selling on the Wii and the largest library of old school games. This is what we love to do with our free time rather than watching TV. In fact I only watch the news now unless some thing funny is on.

What is sad is you think you know us. Maybe this is your problem but we don't share it with up.

shocky164272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

Capcom, get back Clover and work on a sequel. =)