Sharp to put 108" LCD TV into production

Sharp has brought all three of the firm's existing 108" LCD TVs to Hannover. Previously shown at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, the company now said that it is planning to sell "customizable" versions of the TV.

Of course, at this stage, the three TVs remain prototypes and have not yet received model numbers. Each 108" TV was produced from one 8G glass panel and covers a screen area of 94" x 53". According to Sharp, the TV effectively shows not just a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), but 2160p (4096 x 2160 pixels).

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Antan4235d ago

Ill get one for the toilet while im taking a dump!

PS360PCROCKS4235d ago

OMG!! That's RIDICULOUS I WANT lol 2160P? That's 3 times the amount of resolution I see now, my god that has got to look absolutely fantastic

lilwingman4235d ago

I guess for a ridiculously huge TV it would look good, since 1080p wouldn't be enough for something so big... but I don't have the $50-70 grand or so to get one :P, and 1080p probably looks the same at smaller screen sizes.

Covenant4235d ago




Put Halo 3 on THAT bad boy and see what happens!

Just out of curiosity, what would something like that cost? Weigh? How would you display/mount it?

lilwingman4235d ago

As a comparison, Sony unveiled a 70" LCD, and it was priced at a measely $33,000. This would be over $50 G's.

subkeg1454235d ago

What in the world are people going to with 108 in. T.V.? I would have know where to put it or most people I know.

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