Next GTTV to be EPIC: 6 world exclusives

Just twittered: "geoffkeighley: Working with our team on next week's GTTV. Going to be an epic show with around 6 world exclusives...and a few big surprises!"

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- Ghost of Sparta -5182d ago

Meh. The last time I got hyped for their "world exclusives" they were just 10 second long teasers, cut from the actual trailers which were released shortly after.

hakis865182d ago

be a big disappointment :-(

Hoping for some new games! or maybe DLC?

360RRODFIX5182d ago

Even if it is 10 second thing, it is still cool to see new games, so lenght for first time view does not bother me at all.

gaffyh5182d ago

6 World exclusives, if he means 6 world exclusive game announcements...WOW. But if he means 6 world exclusive trailers for games we already know about, then meh.

PrimordialSoupBase5182d ago (Edited 5182d ago )

My hope: World Exclusive - GTTV stops treating its viewers like a drunk bunch of frat boys.

Until then (likely never) I'm not watching that trash.

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TheHater5182d ago

could be a bunch of sports game and Mass Effect 2. So don't get to excited guys.

Mike134nl5182d ago

6 games should be at least 1 or 2 good ones in, though makes me wonder how big the games are because normaly they spend most of the time on 1 big AAA tittle

LordMarius5182d ago

It will probably be Mass Effect 2 unless GDC really comes with surprises.

Zeus Lee5182d ago

Mass Effect 2,Forza 3,and....?

zaldare5182d ago

World exclusives as in trailer exclusives (on already announced titles, i.e. Riddick etc.) , or exclusive game announcements... they really need to make this clear.

Aclay5182d ago

More than likely it won't be Exclusive game announcements.

Usually when GTTV has a "World Exclusive", they are showing new stuff or have some new info from games that are already announced.

A great example of GTTV's World Exclusives is the God of War 3 teaser trailer and the Uncharted 2 teaser trailer at the 2008 Spike TV VGA Award Show.

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