Americas Sales for the Week Ending March 14, 2009

Hardware sales grew in the Americas for the week ending March 14 on a wide range of new releases. For the Xbox 360 and PS3, Resident Evil 5 sold nearly 600,000 units. On the Wii, Mad World, Pikmin, and Mario Tennis all debuted for the week to decent figures. In the coming weeks, Pokemon Platinum, the DSi, and GTA: China Town Wars should also invigorate the DS market.

Wii - 222,761
DS - 142,621
X360 - 112,732
PS3 - 77,908
PSP - 52,426
PS2 - 21,120

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GWAVE5365d ago


I lulz at you, VGchartz.

Johnny Rotten5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

here's the difference in VG Chartz and the NDP numbers for the month of February.

..........VGC ........... NPD
wii..... 752,972... 753,000
Ds..... 497,174 ... 588,000... (approx. 91,000 difference)
X360... 315,992... 391,000 ... (approx. 75,000 difference)
PS3.... 204,218 ... 276,000... (approx. 72,000 difference)
PSP... 189,106 ... 199,000...

the Street Fighter numbers were off as well:

Street Fighter 4
360 vg 295k / npd 446K... (approx. 151,000 difference)
PS3 vg 182k / npd 403K... (approx. 221,000 difference)

this is why stats should be taken with a grain of salt and not fuel for the ego.

IdleLeeSiuLung5364d ago

I was just about to ask this. Thanks for doing the legwork!

Numbers are really off....

ssj5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

So it doesn't matter which numbers you go with it's still the same conclusion for the PS3.

5364d ago
4Sh0w5364d ago

thats quite a name you have there, it doesn't at all instantly ruin the creditability behind your comments, so forgive me but what proof do you have of worlwide sales, I visit this site occasionaly, I see NPD in favor of 360, I see Japan in favor of PS3, I see the UK in favor of 360, I see various small markets in favor of PS3...where is this worldwide total in favor of PS3 as you say. I've read alot of comments stating worlwide for one or the other but does anybody have some sound data put together to make this conclusion. Thanks in advance.

ssj5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

Got a Link?

Edit: Here we go try spinning these numbers. http://www.n4g.com/xbox360/...

And while you're at it you can explain to us all why the gap in install base isn't getting any smaller even though as you put it the "x360 is always dead last in WW sales which matter".

5364d ago
failmorganfail5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

I'm always happy to report and debubble trolls like you. You keep talking about worldwide numbers like your mathematician of n4g. Oh how wrong you are. You see...the 360 has been outselling the PS3 in Europe since the price drop the past Fall. If you "really" know what your talking about you wouldn't spout such nonsense as PS3 sells better in Europe and worldwide (software and hardware). Don't just look at continental Europe if you want to be objective...if at all. You can say the PS3 sells better in Japan, but that's it for now. Unless you live in the future and there has been a PS3 price drop, get the heck out. The UK has the largest marketshare in all of Europe...almost as large as the next three largest (France, Germany, Spain) combined. If you looked at any of the news of late...France numbers for example...RE5 for the 360 is second on the charts and sold 2/3rds as many copies as PS3. That is fact. You my friend have nothing but misguided opinion.

5364d ago
failmorganfail5364d ago

Actually my pseudonym is not n4gps3 btw. I would tell you but that would ruin the fun. You don't seem to get it. Your brain is in hibernation mode or something. It doesn't matter how much PS3 dominates in Arab speaking countries or continental Europe, the UK more than makes up for it. Look as Europe (PAL) countries as a whole and you will see that the 360 doesn't get "owned" like you seem to think. Did you check out RE5 sales? No. You just send me a link to sales data from 3 weeks ago. RE5 isn't even charted. You fail.

cayal5364d ago

"And while you're at it you can explain to us all why the gap in install base isn't getting any smaller even though as you put it the "x360 is always dead last in WW sales which matter"."

While you are so concerned with numbers, can you tell me why the PS3 sells more on yearly average than the 360 does?

Can you also tell me why it sells at a faster rate than the 360 does? (reach 20 million quicker).

morganfell5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. For you to have gone to such lengths means I really got to you. I revel in the fact I have such power that I can manipulate you into going to the lengths of account creation.

The idea that I can occupy your time in such a manner is amazing. I am more important in your life than anything else you could have done with your time. The thought is quite empowering.

Okay, enough flattery, here's the ignore button now go get a life.

Death5364d ago

Which years?

2005? No brainer it was Xbox 360 since it was the only one out.
2006? PS3 was out for only a couple months.
2007? Yeah, that was Sony's best year.
2008? From all reports i have seen, the Xbox 360 narrowly outsold the PS3 for the year.

Japan does not offset North America's numbers for the PS3. The PS3 sells much better than the Xbox 360 in Japan, but the numbers are still relatively small. The 120 thousand differance between the Xbox 360 and PS3 this month in North America will take atleast a few months of sales in Japan to offset. Europe is where the differance is made.


morganfell5364d ago

Video game companies do not use calendar years. Hence the uninitiated are easily confused





Food for thought about how things get overlooked:


Now go have a good cry.

cayal5364d ago

@ Death

PS3 - 20 million in 2 years = 10 million a year
360 - 28 million in 3 years = 9.3 million a year

That's not very hard to work out is it.

5364d ago
All-35364d ago

So - ALL <-- Media Create, NPD, Chart-Track and GfK --> video game sales numbers --> AND console sales numbers are completely wrong? That NONE of the figures reflect ANY KIND of sales reality?

Are you also claiming that the PS3 has --> MORE <-- worldwide console sales vs the Xbox 360? Aren't THOSE console figures also charted by the same companies along with game sales?

Are the numbers for console sales, charted by those companies being used in BOTH Sony and Microsoft fiscal year --> shareholder statements too?

What are Sony's fiscal year statements for PS3 sales since launch?

What about Microsoft's Xbox 360 sales?

What about EA's sales numbers... or ANY of the other major Publisher/Developer game sales figures?

What do those numbers show? Hmmmmm?

Death5364d ago

"@ Death

PS3 - 20 million in 2 years = 10 million a year
360 - 28 million in 3 years = 9.3 million a year

That's not very hard to work out is it."

These numbers are not even close to the actual yearly totals. In January 2008 Microsoft announced they had sold 17.7 million consoles worldwide. http://xbox.joystiq.com/200... That gives them 10.3 million for the calendar year. Yeah, you could average them out, but that doesn't mean you are right. The statement made was Sony outsells Microsoft worldwide on a yearly basis. The truth is they have done this one time and it was 2007.


Elven65364d ago

@Morganfall: Your using Sarcastic Gamer has a source? A article written by the Playstation guy to boot?!?!

Death5363d ago

The math is simple, 10 to 17.7 million is 7.7 million for the calendar year. Microsoft was accused of channel stuffing at the end of 2006 in order to hit the 10 million mark. It's only natural to see 2007 having less units sold to retail to compensate for this. Wasn't there a claim of a shortage in early 2007 from Microsoft? It adds up. I think the term used was they over compensated for demand or something like that.

The numbers reported in the financials is numbers sold to retail, not sold to consumers. Once the manufacturer sells their stock to retailers, they are done. Actual units sold to consumers is hard to track since the only way to get an idea is through companies like NPD. The numbers sold to retail should be relatively close since nobodys wants to store goods.

What I find interesting is the last quarter including the holidays, Sony sold more to retail than Microsoft. This isn't what should have been expected since Microsoft was selling more product according to NPD. The same happened in Europe. Sony shipped more than they sold by a wider margin than Microsoft. I won't accuse Sony of channel stuffing, but they clearly anticipated more sales than they generated at retail. If you add up the numbers released by the 3 reporting companies you will see that Sony's numbers should be closer to 19 million than 21 million if they were shipping closer to what they were selling.


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Counter_ACT5364d ago

Their data is an alright guideline, that's it though. Their hardware is total bs.

happyface5364d ago

these numbers are obviously bias against the ps3 because the killzone2 has released and ps3 is now outselling everything probably

Awesome Possum5364d ago

Just look at 1.1 to see how far its off.

ssj5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

World Chart is up no need to break it down by region. Unless of course PS3 fans want to post some Japanese figures to make it look like the PS3 isn't coming last. http://n4g.com/NewsPendingC...

Why dis5364d ago (Edited 5364d ago )

Your the man I Love your logic not because of this post but in general.

5364d ago
Software_Lover5364d ago

I didn't give you a bubble or agree with you (I hate sales figures) but it was pretty funny

KingKionic 5364d ago

wow thats amazing. those titles are selling like david blaine at a zoo.

snaz275364d ago

here you are again ripping into ps3.. its funny cos ive just been to the french game charts article and there wasnt 1 message from you! hmmm why would that be i wonder? could it be that there are 4 ps3 games in that top 10? and that 2 of them are killzone 2?.. or could it be that in comparison there is only 1 360 game on that chart? ha ha selective commenting is it? mate i have told you in another post rrod happens to alot of people its ok really! just bite the bullet and get the ps3 a few ps3 haters have done that already on here so why dont you just go for it too? dont be treated like a mug by ms man have some pride!