Audiosurf Coming To iPhone

Audiosurf developer confirms he is already working on bringing his award winning music based racing game to the iPhone, something that is possible only since the announcement of the new OS 3.0

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CitricP3776d ago

I believe I speak for everyone with an iDevice when I say "Siiiiiick!"

thereapersson3776d ago

But I find it to be inaccurate a lot of the time when it comes to properly tracking the beat of a song. Here's hoping they get it to work well on the iPhone.

Mindboggle3776d ago

Yh its not accurate, i put in a rise against song, and due to the complexity of the drum beat, it was a mess. It cant handle any complicated drums or punchy bass....

FunkYellowMonkey3776d ago

Great scott! This is what portable gaming is all about! This will no doubt boost ipod's popularity beyond galaxies far'n beyond! Good stuff! :)

FunkYellowMonkey3776d ago

*Well maybe not to that extreme, but you knows what i mean! lol

~funkyellowmonkey(ps3 id)~