Top 10 Controversial Games

Yahoo: "Despite good intentions, some games push all the wrong buttons. And with a new Grand Theft Auto hitting the kid-friendly Nintendo DS this week, another firestorm of controversy could be on the horizon. Brace yourself with this look back at some of the touchiest titles in gaming history."

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Dark_Overlord3551d ago

No Carmageddon?

That was the first game ever to be banned in the UK, the ban was lifted not so long after but it was still the first

phosphor1123551d ago

love that game haha. It was so fun.

The_Zeitgeist3551d ago

That was kind of a weak list.

Cheeseknight283551d ago

LittleBigPlanet never had the chance to be controversial. The lyrics were noticed before the game released.

JeepGamer3551d ago

I've always been curious as to why some games are 'controversial', because as far as I'm concerned in order for something to be controversial it has to be between gamers. I do not give a care what people who would not play a video game regardless of its content think about video games.

I did notice however that Yahoo is reporting the false information about "Fox News" going on the attack against Mass Effect. In so much as having one person, on one show, who does not work for Fox News, express a negative and inaccurate opinion about Mass Effect I hardly think this qualifies as "Fox News" going on the attack.