Analyst Estimates Wii Sales Doubled that of PS3 in February

Is Nintendo pulling farther ahead? The Wii didn't quite manage to double PS3 sales in January but analyst Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets estimates that the Wii did indeed sell double PS3's total in February. More forecast figures within...

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Funky Town_TX4624d ago

Does it make one console better than the other. I rather pay $600 for a PS3 than $100 for a Wii. The controller is cool, but not that coll to me. Judgement is up to the buyer. I have never purchased a console based on sales of that console.

Rooted_Dust4624d ago

I don't know. This is more like saying Hey guess what Tickle Me Elmos will sell twice as good as PS3. The Wii is just a toy. Can anyone point to any cool exclusives, besides Mario(if you think Mario is cool), that are coming out this year? I don't know of any.

cuco334624d ago

i'll agree on the sales not being the end all be all to decide. but i'll disagree on calling the wii a toy. if you say the wii is a toy, then the ps3 and 360 are more expensive toys. it's a form of entertainment. i don't listen to what analysts say, usually they make crap up to be noticed or state the obvious. seeing as the wii still has the momentum and games coming that would only work best on the wii i don't think it's crap. i own one and love it. games like golf (tiger woods, although maybe not this tiger woods) and bowling (brunswick bowling) are far superior to play with wii controls that mimic real life than sequenced button mashing on a ps3/360. it's this appeal that will continue moving units and captivating people. so long, of course, if the games keep coming

Bad_Karma4624d ago

that parents are not willing shell out $600/£425 for their kids to have a PS3 when Wii is less than half the price . Also i think Wii appeals to younger children more than PS3 or 360 which as a parent with 3 young children suits me fine but the problem is finding 1 .

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The story is too old to be commented.