TeamXbox: Guitar Hero: Metallica Demo Impressions

TeamXbox writes: "Today, Activision and Microsoft added a little metal to Xbox Live Marketplace when they dropped a Guitar Hero: Metallica demo into the catalog. We jumped on the trial, which clocked in at just over 1GB, to see how it sang.

For starters, we went to the Backstage area before jumping into the gameplay. The only option we had was to go into the Rock Star Creator, which shows you the pre-made characters you can select from (with many familiar faces, if you're a GH veteran), as well as a Custom selection for making your own rocker. Again, much of it is disabled for the demo, but it gives you a idea of how much you'll be able to tweak and tune (and what can be altered) to get your own musician to look just the way you want."

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Jamegohanssj54693d ago

Gay, we didn't get a demo : (.


dalibor4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

Same thing with CoD:WaW. Hopefully they turn up sometime on the PS store. I'll drink a bottle of beer in hopes that the demos do come out.