Gran Turismo 5 Fans, Tired Of Waiting? How About NFS: Shift And Ferrari Project?

AutoGaming writes:

"GT fans still have a very long wait for the next installment, Gran Turismo 5. When GT5: Prologue was released all the way back in late 2007-early 2008, people were pumped because of the extraordinary graphics and packaging of the game. However GT5: Prologue is only a small piece of the pie (labeled as a "demo") compared to Gran Turismo 5."

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panasonic235603d ago

damn that Ferrari Project look awesome .

Jager5603d ago

If your refering to the above image, thats GT5.

The Ferrari project one isnt taken from gameplay either, so still no idea how the gameplay actually looks compared to GT5.

panasonic235603d ago

i know the game in the pic is gt5 i'm talking about Ferrari Project click on the article and you will see Ferrari Project

Jager5603d ago

Yes, i clicked on the article, and as i said above, the Ferrari pick isnt ingame.

fafoon5603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

Now that's awsome

HDDVD_for_the_win5603d ago

Ah ah ah panasonic, you just owned yourself big time as a MS fanboy.

Now you'll have to ask mommy to buy a PS3 with GT5 Prologue.

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XboxOZ3605603d ago

I think we can all see that it isn't from Ferrari Challenge, so please do not make out that it is wrong. He has posted a pick of GT5 P . . and asking Are they tired of waiting, and if so, will NFS: Shift and Ferrari Challenge be the answer - in the mean time . . .

Personally I think NFS: SHift will excit many, but NOT the NFS purists out there. It's taken the game away from what it was, and aligned its self with Grid and Forza more than anything else.

It needed to. Much like TOCA needed to move away from what it was and towards Grid. Everyone said Codies were mad for doing so, but they did a great job, and sold more units than they would have if they had of done yet another TOCA series.

NFS: Shift is a huge step away from the arcade style. If ppl want that, then they'll get it from the new NFS: Nitro on the Wii/PSP and the new NFS: Open World on the PC. NFS: Shift is for racing buffs, and ideally, it should turn out great judging by the ppl they have working on it, and the dev team working on the physics.

Many of whom are ardent racing drivers and fans.

Jager5603d ago

i was just stating the Ferrari pic was not ingame, nothing more

Speed-Racer5603d ago

@jager - they are actually untouched screens from ingame...not some CG crap.

PirateThom5603d ago

Meh, I'll keep waiting. I have GT5P to tide me over.

WengYong5603d ago

But all we need to do is look at the last 2 Need For Speeds to see that the franchise is quickly fading from the greatness that was Underground 1 & 2. Im not interested in any Need For Speed Game Either.

Ferarri Project well, only Ferarris ?? Please. We are over driving one kind of car. Please end these sort of racing games please devs. PLEASE !!!

I dont have GTP but I do have Pure, not cars but a damn fine racing game. That ties me over

Spydiggity5603d ago

shift looks pretty cool. i like the idea of adding in a small amount of arcade. it will probably feel a little like a polished GTA4.

and NFS Most Wanted was a fun game.

SoapShoes5603d ago

I'm sorry, but I hated underground and every game after that was just meh. Hot Pursuit 2 was its pinnacle, and then it went to crap, imo.

xbollox5603d ago

waiting is absolutely no problem when we have so many great games to play. take your time sony, and give us that level of polish that makes everyone else so jealous. even GT5P is still unmatched in graphic quality and driving simulation after all this time

ok, back to killzone 2

HolyOrangeCows5603d ago

A NFS or advertisement game?

Do not want.

Ven10005603d ago

NFS 1 2 3 and Hot Pursuit 2 were the best of the series. Not Underground.

SonyWarrior5603d ago

these games may look good but they are nothing compared to GT series so that makes them a waste of money to me... PASS

beardpapa5603d ago

I recently popped in GT4 to get some snow driving going on and I nearly forgot how many tracks there were in GT4. I guess PD wants GT5 to be better than GT4, and the only way to do that is to have more cars and more tracks. And we all know how the tracks in GT5p looks like, so trying to get the GT4 tracks at the level of GT5p or better probably does take a long time.

PS3istheshit5603d ago

cuz they probably got millions off that to make GT5 even better

SlyGuy5602d ago

Burnout Paradise is satisfying my car racing urges QUITE WELL for the time being, i.e. until THE KING of car simulation arrives.


WengYong5602d ago

Thats your opinion, your entitled to it. But you cannot deny that Underground freshened up NFS and brought it to whole new audience. Had they of released a revamped version of pursuit it wouldnt of sold.

I think it was the best of the series, then again that is just my opinion. I loved the free roaming aspect of it. It fulfilled my fantasy boy racer needs.

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panasonic235603d ago (Edited 5603d ago )

lol click on the pic and you will find untouched in game meaning yes it from the game lol.

Jager5603d ago

For 2.2 and Pana, direct quote from article referring to Ferrari pics:

"From what we were told via the grapevine, we could also expect to see actual gameplay visuals as breath-taking as these."

AKA, the pics are not gameplay

Speed-Racer5603d ago

@jager - you have no idea how this gaming stuff works... even though it may be in-game, the actual visuals in the fina; release may still vary marginally, so it could be better, it could be worse...even though they say its untouched. nonetheless it is in-game...

Jager5603d ago

*shrug* what ever you say.

Either way, would Ferrari hold a GT fan over? no, that NFS game might if it puts alot of simulation into it, but i wont hold my breath til i see it running, most NFS games i seen are extremely arcade focused. Will NFS turn away from their fanbase to create a none arcade focused NFS game? doubt it, but we'll see.

For the Ferrari part, it will only have Ferrari cars, so no, it wouldnt hold a GT fan over.