The New Wiimote wrist strap breaks at Auto Show, breaks window

After Nintendo hooked us all up with replacement straps, they made us believe that we were safe from horror stories popping back up again on the internet. However, must now inform us that such an incident occurred during an Auto Show in Trier, Germany, where one overzealous player caused the wrist strap to snap, sending a flying Wiimote into the window of a nearby Volkswagon Lupo.

Still, the person responsible was able to muster up the courage to blame Nintendo for its "gross negligence."

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Syko4261d ago

I miss these stories I would laugh my ass off every time I saw something broken from a Wiimissle. I still got a hole in my wall from my Wiimote now I play strapless like a real man.

power0919994261d ago

Anyone remember the Powerglove?

Might have been ahead of it's time. At least it didn't come flying off when you swatted at your tv.

calderra4261d ago

HOW CAN YOU BREAK THIS STRAP? Just the physics of this boggle the mind. Even a few bare clothing strings can more than support the Wiimote on a good swing. You'd have to cause some significant damange to the strap before it could snap.

Now, if he didn't keep the strap securely fastened and this happened, then he'd be like 99% of other Wii players who've had this happen and blamed Nintendo for it.

Own up to your non-manual-reading ways! I have a friend just like post #2 who played without the strap and almost took out his TV doing it. But at least he owns up to not attaching the wrist strap properly.

OldSchoolGamer4261d ago

At least we aren't the only country with idiots who are like to hold everyone else responsible for their stupidity. Lol, "...we need to bring back natural selection, and get rid of the don't feed the bear signs..."

Syko4261d ago (Edited 4261d ago )

When I broke the strap on my Wiimote about a week after launch (Before the widespread reports of WiiDamage) My wife blamed me for the hole in the wall and I blamed the Alcohol. Not once did Nintendo ever get blamed from me.

Now I agreed that the wrist straps shouldn't be weak sauce (Which they fixed), but at the same time it was my drunken ass swinging the Wiimote at Mach 4 trying to take my friend out of the park on Baseball that caused the problem.

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