Has a PSP game ever made you cry?

A few days ago we found out about the story of David Jaffe's Heartland. The aim of the title was to have a game that would make a gamer cry. Since that game is dead in the water, it made me wonder if there already were games on the PSP that could make me cry.

Source: pspfanboy

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fenderputty4629d ago

with a story that makes me feel as though I've just watched Braveheart. I personally think that storylines in games can be great but, they come with downtime from the gameplay itself. Even heavily story based games like FF and MGS still have enough gameplay to stagger the storyline. I think this will have an overall affect on whether someone cries or not.

Plus ... most sob story movies that drag tears out of people aren't what I would think a good game is made from.

BIadestarX4629d ago

Yeah, Lord of the ring and Soduko for the PSP made me cry my @$$ like a 4 years old kid due to loading time and because I realize I wasted my money.

MySwordIsHeavenly4629d ago

I knew loading times would come up here.

When Shadow of the Colossus comes out...lemme know...or KINGDOM FRICKIN' HEARTS! Who didn't cry in Kingdom Hearts???

I've only cried for a few games. I don't think a PSP has gotten me yet. I was emotionally linked to MGS:PO and Gitaroo Man Lives!, but no sobbing...

WOOHOO. If anything can do it's a Final Fantasy!

BIadestarX4629d ago

I agree... I am really looking foward to Final Fantasy Tatics. one of my favorites for the PS1.

Covenant4629d ago

A friend who bought MGS: Acid at full price. That made him cry. (Not literally, but he was pretty pi$$ed).

gta_cb4629d ago

never have cried because of a game before, and if loading times make you angry use custom software or devhook on your psp, and play the games on your memory stick, its SOOO.... much quicker seriously, oh and before someone says to delete my post, im not saying to illegaly download the game, cos you can buy it then rip it straight to you memory card if you want to, as long as you have fw 1.50

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