Even more FlatOut 360 shots

Following up yesterday's batch of screenshots Bugbear entertainment has released even more shots of its 360 crash-em-up FlatOut Ultimate Carnage.

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InMyOpinion4261d ago

From the screenshots it looks ok, not great. I bet the physicsengine will be something else tho...

PS360PCROCKS4261d ago

My god I must be blind but I am amazed with how great all these games look but no one else seems impressed, guess it's just me. Sega Rally, Colin Mcrae, and this I thought all looked absolutely amazing.

power of Green 4261d ago

You got it wrong this game looks great not amazing. But like you said it will be loads of fun with physics that are amoung the best this generation has to offer thus far.

Xi4261d ago

I become less and less impressed with motorstorm.

Scrumptious4261d ago

Looks to blow the doors of Motorstorm in every way. Especailly variation in enviornments.