Sony Reveals [email protected] PS3 Details

Officials from Sony Computer Entertainment have announced new details of the [email protected] distributed computing project on PlayStation 3, which is used to aid in calculations relating to the study of protein folding and protein folding diseases.

The collaboration with Sony was first announced by Leland Stanford Junior University in the U.S., in August of last year. The project is already being run by joining thousands of PCs throughout the world, with a concept similar to the popular [email protected] screen saver, which analyzes radio-telescope data to find evidence of intelligent signals from space.

The [email protected] project involves simulations to help study protein folding and related diseases, including Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's Disease, cystic fibrosis and certain forms of cancer. Once the data is processed by PCs and PlayStation 3s running the software the information is sent back via the Internet to the project's central computer.

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power0919994624d ago

I really hope the PS plays a big part in getting this program out to the masses.

It would make for a great screen saver when you don't use your PS for while.

Premonition4624d ago

I cant wait to try this out, I hope many others do.

techie4624d ago

LOL - maybe they should put this in their advertising campaign. "this is living" - "this is curing cancer"...

BIadestarX4624d ago

Sony is getting smarter. Every day Sony comes out with a feature intented to make people forget what a game console is for.
Great, I can see how this fits into gaming.

techie4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

SOny didn't come up with this

zantetsuken4624d ago

Screw any attempt to cure cancer, who cares, right? Get real.

Yay for people crying for the sake of complaining.

Raist4624d ago

You mean like an HD-DVD add-on or an IPTV service ?

Syko4624d ago

This is great news I read over at Joystiq that: They said that 10,000 PS3s, less than 1 percent of whats been sold in NA will double the amount of volunteer processing power they currently have.

If that is true then this is a clear indicator that the Cell is way ahead of the Xenon, Mabye not so much in pure power but overall flexibility of the chip. Now they just need to show me that this thing can do 4-D graphics and all that other crap Sony was selling to me.

But in Fairness Sony has made me a little more willing to buy their machine. Now I would pay $400 for one where as even a month ago I would have waited till it was $300 or less.

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The story is too old to be commented.