Get into the H3 beta in Germany - for 10 euros

Interesting. If you live in Germany, you can spend €10 to buy the 'Halo 3 Pre-order Pack' - the money will go towards Halo 3, once it's released, but in the meantime, it'll buy you access to the Halo 3 beta program. This is for sale at both and You have to be 18 to buy this. Marc, from Halo Universe, who pointed this deal out, notes also that the Amazon page specifies April 2007 as the start of the beta program.

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gta_cb4624d ago

.. i thought it was supose to be released sometime near June?... well that was what i was told but then again i didnt ask for proof....
so is this available in any other country? also does anyone know if you can perchase the download on XBoxLive via your Gold Points? and if so then how much?

Also in a previous thread sometime ago, someone made a comment that when Halo 3 beta is released then they will prob see alot of crackdowns returned to the shop, well i read a piece of paper in my Crackdown case saying you can only play Halo 3 beta from the main screen in the Crackdown menu... so if this is so (as it does state on an offical piece of paper) then how will people buying this item in Germany play Halo 3?

sorry for all the questions it was just a bit confusing.

T-Virus4624d ago (Edited 4624d ago )

Knows the release date, so any dates you've been told thus far are fake.

No, you can't download this normally, only downloadable by buying Crackdown, being invited, buying this code (Germans only) or being in the Bungie Friends and Family program.

Secondly, it seems as the Germans may get a redeem/special code, they type that in, and it will lead them stright to the Halo 3 BETA download screen.

calderra4624d ago

To clarify-
You can only download and/or play the H3 beta with Crackdown if the Crackdown disc is in, and you're connected to Xbox Live, and you go to the Marketplace link in Crackdown itself.

If someone says they'll sell you their Cracdown invite or whatever, unless they're selling you the physical disc, you're getting gipped.

calderra4624d ago

1) Yes, the date is made up by the site. Doesn't mean the beta WON'T ship on that day, but they probably don't have any "inside info".

2) As always, wait for Bungie confirmation, as they cover offers like these in their "Weekly Updates"-

3) Cool for Germans! Can't wait to pwn you all in Halo 3! (just kidding- I'll be dead in moments)