GAME takes action over 'PS3 vs. 360' poster

High street retailer GAME has confirmed that a poster in one of its stores comparing PlayStation 3 with Xbox 360 has been taken down.

As reported by website UK Resistance, the sign - which appeared in the Bluewater Shopping Centre branch of GAME - listed different specs for the two consoles.

It suggested that the cost of extras such as a HD-DVD drive and wireless network adapter push the price of the Xbox 360 up to nearly GBP 485 - while the PS3, which comes with a Blu-ray drive and wireless functionality built-in, is priced at GBP 425.

But according to GAME, the poster was not authorised for use and has now been taken down.

"The incident of the sign in our Bluewater store was conducted by a member of staff, without GAME head office's approval," a spokesperson told

"This sign has since been removed and we have reiterated to all members of staff that the publishing of posters not designed and sent directly by head office is unauthorised. Anyone caught doing so will see the matter be taken further."

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GaMr-4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

For those of you who have no idea what this is about because it failed approval yesterday. Its a follow up to an article I submitted about Retailers in the PAL region taking Bogus and Aggressive approaches to sell their PS3 units. Someone thought this isnt news. Someone thought its ok to be conned into dropping almost a grand on a gaming console. Im not being anti-Sony one bit. I am however very appauled at the retailers for taking this approach. I feel that PS3 should be a choice not a trick. Dont know about you guys but when I go to purchase somethin I make the final decision not lying scumbag retailers. Thats my story that failed approval.

Can someone in the PAL region please explain to me how that is not news and how that doesnt pertain to you. Especially if you or relatives are planning on buying a PS3 next friday?

And again. I dont see how my story failed yet this one is getting approved. This is just a follow up to my original story. Censorship........its everywhere... lol

EDIT: I was typing faster than I was thinkin. I just read it over.

"eclipsegryph" thanks for you concern. Not really sure what your implying nor do I care. But your obviously missing my point. I just want to know when I exposed this yesterday how it wasnt news. and not just because I posted it the fact that it was informative. ahhh whatever. Dont get the wrong idea by my long winded post. I can honestly care less if my story's make it or not. The only thing that bugs me is people not getting properly informed because of other users abusing the "report/approval system based on their personal biases and agenda's. Now thats bogus and if that becomes the path of this site then im outta here.


BrotherSic4234d ago

I approved it :)

surprised that UK Resistance havent got more coverage as it just shows how retailers are willing to LIE to consumers in order to sell extra consoles.

SmokeyMcBear4234d ago (Edited 4234d ago )

don't you mean facist instead of communist.. or i could be wrong.

haha gotta love the little edit button.. sometimes I wish that wasn't available.. its so much more fun without it

eclipsegryph4234d ago

"Communist"... I do not think it means what he thinks it means.

My suggestion is to put down your tinfoil hat and just realize that not every story submitted can get posted. There's plenty of pro-Sony, anti-Sony, pro-Nintendo, anti-Nintendo, pro-Microsoft, and anti-Microsoft stories that get posted each day.

OldSchoolGamer4234d ago

As a social theory it does apply. Its (Communist) people limited to what a government will allow for information. This has been the case of every communist society. Freedom of information is usually the start of the downfall for every communist government. The only exception I can think of being the Chinese who have yet to overthrow the government, although information is still restricted, just not as much recently. Communism the idea that everybody deserve equal everything, opportunities, goods, ect. is interesting but always comes to the same basic logical fallacies. These are that people aren't equal. Intelligence, Athleticism, and Social Skills are required to different degrees by different jobs. To say that anyone can do any job is simply not true. To say that two workers in the same job deserve the same pay is also flawed. If one person sits on his butt and takes a nap while the other works extremely hard, yet both get the same pay, where is the motivation. To understand that no matter what you earn, what you do, you all deserve the same goods, housing, ect. then were is the motivation for risk, change or to work harder. It simply does not exist. So, information which points these out, shows different examples of personal success through struggle in business and in life knocks the communist (socialist) ideal to the ground. Facist is more of a control oriented ideal but control of information is vital to both regimes, so communist is accurate in this case.

GaMr-4234d ago

Funny... cause I got the idea from one of your

Thanks for clearing that up though. I just didnt have the time or patience to break it down for the feeble minded on this site.

*not all just some*

dantesparda4234d ago

Communist countries do not make anybody do any job. But rather lets the carpenters do carpentry, the electricians do electrical work, etc. It's just that it does not let people capitalize on it, so therefore everybody gets paid the same. The true problem with communism is really the way that it has been handled by their respective governments. They usually waste to much of the countries money on military, and thereby leaving very little left over for other things, like the people. Fascism in my opinion is even worst then communism, but honestly, they both suck. Its just we've been thought (in America) more about the bad of communism (because of the Russians) than Fascism (the Nazi's where fascists, so just keep that in mine). But they both suck, and they both hate each other (fascists and communists, and are on the opposite end of the political spectrum)

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Funky Town_TX4234d ago

a person can't add up the cost of the consoles then they are to stupid to buy the console. I remember when the PS2 launched and the xbox 1 launched. The first xbox was the same price as the PS2. IT included more stuff even. The bottom line is that I don't think price is an issue to ppl that will buy a console at launch. I bet 90% of buyer wait for a price drop all the time. The only problem I have with the PS3 price is the fact that there are things in the console that I don't want or need. I buy consoles to game on. I have a PC and a DVD player. I play on buying a Blu-ray stand alone later. I hate using consoles to watch movies on. It wears them put, and limits my ability to game while others enjoy movies.

ThaGeNeCySt4234d ago

these comparisons are foolish if you ask me

kmis874234d ago

The HDDVD drive comparison is pretty ridiculous considering it's not game related on the 360.

deadeyes994234d ago

This is a pointless article, I don't have a hd-dvd add on for 360 and i am in no way impaired, it's not like consoles can scale well either so i don't see the point really. People should focus less on the hd formats as they really don't make the game any more fun to play and currently . In addition to this no games are made on hd-dvds.

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