Nintendo praises Wii as a "Social Hub"

Rob Crossley from Edge writes:

"Nintendo claims that the sales figures of Wii Platy console peripherals have demonstrated the Wii's strength as a "social hub".

The platform holder, responding to February's NPD data, states that sales of Wii Play have passed ten million units. Yet Cammie Dunaway, NOA executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, also commented on what is accepted as the main reason why Wii Play sells so consistently well..."

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Chris3993593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

At least Sony is smart enough to just shut up (now, not "people will take two jobs to afford a PS3" circa 2006). I imagine that they would be just as bad, if not worse in behavior if they were on top again this gen.

Nintendo is arguably innovative, but many of their creations have failed - Virtual Boy, Gamecube, Powerglove. The market and media fortuitously aligned for them this gen; it could have just as easily turned against them. Playing the market is a risk, and there is a lot of luck involved, especially with the Wii. It could have been a colossal failure. They are the market leaders by chance, not design, and they should keep that in mind.

I enjoy my Wii, but the corporate gloating has to stop. These companies didn't raise Christ from the dead or cure world hunger, they made amusing toys. And a byproduct of all this arrogance is the fanboyism that permeates the gaming scene nowadays. People echo corporate smack-talk like sports fans screaming from the stands. It's all quite ridiculous and it needs to stop. Ttake a look at the 500+ post on the Feb NPD; personally I avoided it entirely as it has LITTLE TO DO WITH GAMING and everything to do with some misplaced sense of self-worth from owning a particular console. (I own and play all three, so I could really care less.)

Gamers should just play games. Console makers and developers should stick to conversations about the SERVICES and GAMES that they are providing, not make grandiose claims about how they are affecting society and social interaction.