New Godfather II Don Control Screens

Following EA's earlier announcement that the Don Control mode will be available in the Godfather II's multiplayer game, the publisher has released new shots showing the mode in action.

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thetamer3502d ago

I hope this will be good, it looks awesome and the idea is pretty amazing.

AndyA3502d ago

Yeah, kind of like Battlefield 2's Commander mode - 1 player giving orders. That everyone else ignores. I like the idea, though, and with a co-ordinated team this could be ace.

Leord3502d ago

It's funny. I heard a complaint from this one gamer living in Sicily saying that the Godfather films and video games have just made things worse for them ,as the "clan" culture there just grew stronger for it.

He told of areas you'll have a good chance of getting shot if you go through, any shop you open must be OK'd by the ruling clan and they will take a cut.

Never thought movie/video games would ACTUALLY have a negative impact!

Fyzzu3502d ago

The Don Control mode seems really novel. The one-on-RTS, everyone-else-on-action has cropped up in other things, sure, but it's still far too rare for my liking. Up with this sort of thing!