Cliffy B: "I have a 40ft hard-on for original IP"

Gears of war man is going to be busy on his next game for "the next couple of years", he tells CVG

"I have a 40ft hard-on for original IP and that's what Gears of War is", Epic's Cliff Bleszinski told CVG last week, when he was quizzed on the chances of seeing more original properties from the Unreal and Gears studio.

"The fact that [Gears of War] was such a success proves to me that this business is driven by its own internal IPs and not licensed properties," he said.

Following the 3 million-plus sales of its flagship 360 shooter, Epic is now finishing up the third instalment Unreal Tournament and touting the various non-blaster games using Unreal Engine 3, such as Zombies Ate My Neighbours look-alike Monster Madness.

As for what Cliffy's stonking boner for original IP means for his next title, the Epic lead designer says we'll have to wait a while before we get that in our hands: "I think my plate will probably be full the next couple of years working on what I'm working on.

"I'm not really allowed to say anything about what I'm doing but I have about 8 million intellectual properties floating around in my head and I'd love to have a few more developed at some point in the future."

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sajj3164631d ago

Thanks for taking my post I had pending for about an hour (sucks being a trainee)... all is good, no worries.

This is what the industry needs, more passion! Although there has been money made with licensing (Spiderman, Scarface, etc ...) there is nothing like something original since there is nothing else to compare it to other than other games within the genre.

PS360PCROCKS4631d ago

Take the test man it's not too bad if you read the stuff...anyways why cant they just shutup and say "Yes Gears 2 is coming just not real soon" instead of beating around the bush, it's quite annoying