Resistance Retribution developers give their opinion about PSP piracy writes: It's been no secret that piracy literally destroys the PSP. PSP pirates, however have weak excuses like: 'Otherwise I wouldn't have bought the game anyway' or 'I'll pay already for games on my PS3. It seemed us interesting to ask one of the best PSP developers what they think about PSP piracy.

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Kingsora3525d ago

This just shows how stupid it is to download PSP games

Samer3053525d ago

No matter what anybody says there will always be pirates. Thats just the way it is. Thats why the developers have to spend a little more money on anti piracy software so they can end up making up the money.

FantasyStar3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I will concede that I've downloaded games back in 2007. I will also concede that there will always be pirates no matter how hard developers try to meet the demand because nothing is better than "Free". It even disgusts me when I visit Craigslist to see people selling their "backups" for $5. However the brief article is very black-white on the scenario of piracy.

There are people who pirate because they feel that it "sticks it to the man". We, gamers get pushed around by developers when they dish out practical shovelware and expect us to pay full price on a game. That we pay those $30-$45 only to have so little content and lots of repetitiveness. Piracy in this respect is a way to safeguard a gamer's financial interest so that they only spend money on developers that truly deserve it. If Piracy is so bad then why does games, especially PSP games, continue to sell well into the millions? Pirates may be pirates, but gamers know a good game when they see it.

Pirates can also look at pirated games as a way to "test" the game. If they don't like it, they delete it and move on. Developers these days are always half-assing their demos so they truly do not represent the quality that they are. I know if I had tried the Rainbow Six Vegas demo first, I would never have bought it: but I was fooled and $30 went flying away.

I understand developers' woes as well as they do, myself being an in-training game designer. I believe hard work deserves to be recognized, but what is hard work when developers keep shoving ports and useless games into the PSP Library? If developers want to stifle us of our dollars, then we'll fight back so they'll never have a chance to "con" us of our money. I know if I had the chance to make a game, I would strive to create a game that's worth $200 alone in content, features, and re playability, but charge only $30 for it. I'll release free DLC the first months and charge for the rest 5-6 months from the street date. And even so, I would never charge more than 1/10 of the retail price: which is $3 for an extra 2-3 hours of content. If I had the chance.

However before you guys jump at me, piracy is not a crusade for justice, despite my 2 paragraphs. No matter how it's spun, piracy is an act of stealing. I know when I used to do it, I clearly knew it. But you know what? With what dignity I had left, every game I had, I never burned more than a single copy. I always destroyed my games after they were done and I never, ever, EVER sold any leftover burned games to others for a profit. I never charged a dime to mod someone else' PSP because then that's me stealing the work of the PSP scene. People in the scene castrate those that abuse piracy for profit. See for yourself with Google. Everyone in the scene knows it's stealing, but I know I never once tried to justify piracy as a good thing beyond what I said now. I'll make excuses for piracy, but contrary to the article, I know I'll never say ever that "piracy is not stealing".

If you want my take on it, if developers worked harder to reassure us gamers that we're spending good dollars for a quality game with alot of content and great value overall: we gamers will take notice. If developers put out demos that was alot longer than 10 minutes, then gamers wouldn't need to waste bandwidth downloading the full game just to "try it out". I'd love for 1-2 hour demos! That would be plenty of time to sample a game before I buy it. Overall developers have to reassure us gamers of our confidence in them. Some gamers pirate because they can, because they're cheap. However the majority of the newbie pirates do so because they're insecure whether or not they can spend the money on a game and be satisfied. Reassure the gamers and give them great value and the scene will take notice.

Again, above all: piracy is stealing, no matter how it's spun. But people will cross this line again and again because gamers that pirate, are those that are losing confidence in the developers delivering a game worth it's value in money. I'll pay $30 for Crisis Core: FF7, but I will never pay $10 for Super Stardust Portable, when I already have the PSN version. I'd rather pirate it than condone Sony's nickel-and-diming. Why they didn't just give the PSN version of SSD:HD Remote-Play support is beyond me.

f7897903525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Thats an article. You should have just posted that.

One game I know that is justified in pirating is the original FF7. $60 used!!! Yeah right.

XxSpiiKeZxX3525d ago

FantasyStar ur the man....

I totally agree with this article ive been downloading games for almost a year now and wen i play those games that i wanted in the past but never did i think to myself "WOW this game is crap,saved me 30$".

However it is true that piracy can be used to "test it out".
The only games i thought was trruly worth even 60$ (maybe) are God of war chains and FF7....After lookikn at resistance i might downoad it Try it if i love it i go out and support it
same thing with monster hunter ima go out and get it day one since i have te copy and it is amazng

But other than that i think SONY should be responsible for Anti software programs...Y CANT THEY MAKE FUTURE PSP'z SUPPORT EVERY FEATURE OF CUSTOM FIRMWIRE BUT EXCEPT PIRACY...i love puttin emulators on my psp to remember the past...i dnt view as piracy b/c these games are so rare to find nd i wouldnt want to get me a gameboy or a nes, etc.

Bloodshedder3525d ago

i downloaded it the illegal way, still kinda borring nothing better than Monster Hunter P2G!!!

Ilikegames763525d ago

Take for example the game Starcraft, it's a pc game and is easily pirated. Blizzard made the game have the feature to spawn the game to other computer without buying multiple copies. They made the game fun to play. I tried it once a long time ago with a colleague at the office. I ends up buying a copy. The same thing with Diablo 2.

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