A Call To Arms: Girls Needed To Fix Gamers' Image

Gamers' have an image problem, simple as that. There are just too many people out there willing to invest their belief in stereotypes, but maybe that can be used against them.

The author believes it is up to us girls to help to change the image of gamers and declares

" I am a girl and I love to play games where I blow people up, stave in their heads with a crowbar and even occasionally off a prostitute to steal back my in game money

Who is with me?"

The article employs large amounts of sarcasm, please be aware of that. Any accusations of misogyny or homophobia will be deemed amusing.

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Capt CHAOS3501d ago

picking up girls.

Maybe I'll try it.

Hiya honey, No, really, I just want to play computer games with you because it's better for the gaming community that we have more women playing.


michellejbuss3501d ago

Us girls do like to have interests in common with the love of our lives lol.

Maybe it will also help get the message out that nice guys play violent video games too.