Join Up The Star Fleet With Evolution Vault's Galactic Dream: Rage Of War

Evolution Vault® announces the Demo release for Galactic Dream: Rage of War. The Trial version includes one playable race, advanced control features thought to make players' lives easier, support for hundreds of units and an immerse storyline set on the stage of the 25th century.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War it's a 3D strategy game in real time in which you gather resources, build facilities in space and train star-ships with the final purpose of decimating your enemies. Humanity has now less than one hundred years to forever abandon the Colonies to search for another home world, if they are to survive against the menace coming from the galactic core.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War will definitely attract the audience through its acceptable learning curve, the attention for details and visionary insight of Evolution Vault® team, and also the frequently updated contents. The complete game will be available for on-line download starting end of March 2007. For additional information on Galactic Dream: Rage of War visit . You can download the demo from here: . Screenshots can be watched here: . Also, log on to to discuss the game with the community.

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