No More Heroes

Why did the Wii version of Okami sell so few copies in the USA?

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ChickeyCantor3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Perhaps it was the lack of promotion?

qface643500d ago

actually the ps2 version didn't sell any better
why do you think capcom is too scared to make a sequel because no one bought the first one

KKanjiAnkh3500d ago

Capcom said they don't want a sequel, and I played both, but the PS2 trumps the Wii version, cause Ready At Dawn, said Clover coded the game, in the most unusual way, plus the Wii controls, weren't spot on.

But this is easily 1 of the greatest games ever made, hands down, on all aspects.

dragunrising3500d ago

The game play is almost identical for motion control for the paintbrush. The only noticeable thing is the absence of the film grain in the Wii version.

typikal823500d ago

Because we already played it on the PS2?

I rented it myself, awesome game. I had no idea i was in for 40 hours of game play.

Gue13500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I really like games that everybody ignores like Valkyria Chronicles, Fear Effect, E.V.O., Out of this World, Illusion of Gaia, etc but Okami doesn't appeal to me in any manner.

The game looks really boring. I don't even want to play it myself to see how the game really is... Maybe is the principal character that it is an animal... I didn't like Zelda TP even though I'm a big Zelda fan, I have every Zelda game in existence except for TP because the wolf makes the game so slow, boring and uninteresting. But No More Heroes is cool! I liked that one a lot.

Lucreto3500d ago

I was surprised that this game took the top spot as my favourite and wish it was on the PS3.

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