Diehard GameFAN: Samurai Shodown Anthology Review

Samurai Shodown Anthology is exactly as the title implies - and that's all it needs to be. For the price, you get five great fighting games from the arguably golden age of 2D fighting from a classic developer. Come for the classic experience, stay for the arranged soundtracks. You also get Samurai Shodown 6, which is kind of the benign tumor of the group. (* In the words of the Simpsons' Comic Book Guy. "Best Soundtrack Ever.")

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Tsar4ever013589d ago

I have to say, this reviewer of SSA was very precise and caring on how this title was done. I could tell he's "BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT" when he describe the particulars of the the artwork, characters, the soundtracks of the series. To bad that SS5sp didn't make the cut. SNK of America just LIED about adding it to the anthology, (*UNLESS HE REVIEWED THE PAL VERSION.)Why are some of these gaming site are still saying there will be SEVEN games and not SIX? And I wish he could've been alittle more informative in describing the blood effects and if the killer finishes(SS's 1-4) and fatalities(SS's 3,4)in SS remanded intact.