Ericsson looking to dump cell phone business; Sony to buy its stake in SE?

According to, Sony is rumored to be chatting with banks in an effort to finance a buyout that would relieve Ericsson of its 50% stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture. Ericsson would not comment on the subject to the magazine, but is believed to be interested in selling its stake in the joint venture, as well.

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Doppy3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I think it's bigger than the PSPhone (which is what I call it). Sony is doing some much needed in house cleaning. They are pulling all their divisions together in order to share resources and bring cost down. Each division will still do their own thing, but they will all be under one Sony name, so more things like the PSPhone can be made, or PS3/PS4 games will be more cinematic with the help of their movie studios, etc...

This is what I would have done, and Sir Howard deserves great recognition for trying to get all of them together.

Speaking of Sir's how do you become of Sir? I want to be one.

Final_Rpg3498d ago

That would be so awesome. I'd drop the idea of getting an iPhone for this.

ar3498d ago

If the rumor is true their not dumping their cell phone business, but their hand set manufacturing. Ericsson is still a huge developer in hardware and software for the cell phone networks.

Quickstrike3498d ago

when I saw this I was like
"Aw come on I just got myself a Ericsson phone and now this?"

Then I saw your comment and was like

You Already Know3498d ago

damn...I like their logo a lot ahaha...I know that sounds silly, but it's a simple and slick looking bubble..

likedamaster3498d ago

"Sony Ericsson recently posted a Q4 2008 loss of $187 million EUR and has been struggling to find its place in the market."

Thanks to the iPhone. The company(Apple) Sony tries so hard to imitate. The only real brand Sony has is with Playstation and Tv's although even their tv/lcd sales have declined dramatically since 2005. Samsung being the leader of the industry now.