Microsoft Should Stop Talking About The PlayStation 3

Microsoft's business policy apparently includes trashing the competition. Maybe this isn't the most professional approach, and maybe they should just worry about themselves...

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- Ghost of Sparta -3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"Apparently, it's part of Microsoft's business policy to slam the competition using flawed arguments and irrelevant facts. How's about focusing on yourselves?"

Quoted for truth. Everyone chose to forget that Killzone 2 was released on February 27th lol. There are only 28 days in February but what else can you say about the situation? The 360 fanboys are desperate. They'll take a stab at Sony whenever they can, even if their arguments are invalid and moronic.

Lfmesquite3503d ago

PS3 has been outsold in North America for like 8 months now.

It's just a joke, how some people are nuts.

socomnick3503d ago

Sparta no matter how much you spin it the sales were weak. Compare the sales to Halo 3 first day sales, gears of war first day sales, Gears of war 2 first day sales, You will then see how small and weak the kz 2 sales really are. Heck next npd Halo wars a rts will outsell kz 2.

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morganfell3503d ago

When you can't talk about what you are then you have to resort to talking about what you believe the competition isn't.

Look, here is the simple fact of the matter. Microsoft has nothing this year. Nothing. 360 supporters can talk about some E3 announcement but no game worth anything has been a secret until E3 and then been announced and shipped that fall.

The fact of the matter this is Greenberg at his most unprofessional in a fit of desperation. Microsoft has nothing and they know if Sony cuts the price of the PS3 then the battle for second place will be over. Microsoft cannot slash the 360 price again and they know they will simply be buried.

lowcarb3503d ago

We don't even know what's coming this year for Sony or MS so the whole list thing is dumb. Why don't you wait until E3 and save yourself the embarrasment of possibly being totally wrong. Right now PS3 has more games announced on the way, but do you seriously think they will all be out on time this year? MS is wrong for talking so much crap about SOny, but then again Sony did start it I guess. These companies should really focus on entertaiment and leave the fights put of gaming.

eagle213503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"teh sales, teh sales..". Nintendo just cleared 10 million Wii Play in the US alone and Wii Fit over 14 million worldwide. So, since "teh sales" means better quality then halo epic failed to beat Wii Play.

"teh sales... :)

The PlayStation brand whooped microsoft with 600,000+ consumers in Febuary. So just shut up. :)

Danja3503d ago seesm like all the 360 fanboys were just waiting on the NPD to rear there faces here again...

as for M$ they really have to talk about the Playstation what are they gonna talk about ? there really isn't anything positive to brag about the 360 other than outselling a system twice the price of there product...

Montreafart3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I just lolled right there. Fanboys are so stuck up and stubborn. Its like talking to a wall.

Seriously, its March 2009. Almost April. If you dont know whats coming this year for your console with almost 8 months left in 2009, then you seriously need to consider selling your console because thats just pathetic.

"but, but, but...wait till E3" The simple fact is, the 360 HAS no games this year. You can see the trend if you look back two years and one year ago.

Last year, you waited a whole year for ONE GAME.
In 2007, you have 3 GAMES worth playing. Out of those 3 games, only 1 is a 360 exclusive.

Honestly it went from bad in 2007 to worse in 2008. And now you are hoping 2009 would suddenly see the situation improve by miles when the economy is in a recession, Steve Balmer fired half of the xbox division, the xbox division is on a much smaller budget than before, and they closed down half their first party studios...

Do toothfairies exists? Because thats the only way 360 will have anything remotely worth playing.

AND FOR THE RECORD, KILLZONE 2 WAS RELEASED IN EUROPE ON the 26TH FEBRUARY. In USA (NPD IS ABOUT US ONLY), KZ2 WAS RELEASED ON THE 27TH OF FEBRUARY! And you know its going to outsell anything on the 360 this year.

Killzone 2 has sold a million copies in two weeks. This is known, the fact that those numbers do not show up on NPD is logical. Halo wars sold 1 million copies in 3 weeks. So you know Killzone 2 did better despite NPD not showing it.

If youre a fanboy bashing, you really are just desperate and bashing.

StephanieBBB3503d ago

Sales numbers you understand but you forgot about profit.

PS3: 400$ a console * 276,000 sales in february = 110 million profit.

Xbox 360: ~250$ a console * 391,000 sales in february = 97 million profit.

Sony made more money =)

REbirth3503d ago

ive missed u guys...u are funny as hell!

SL1M DADDY3503d ago

This article is spot on and it is a true showing of how the 360 fans have hit a lower than expected rep of stupidity. Sorry, I am a fan of both systems but if I were to even consider myself a fan of only the 360, the past two days of their idiocy would have had me denying I even owned a 360. Sorry, but to deny the strides Sony is making and how they help the industry strive all for the sake of bolstering the 360 is pathetic. MS and the 360 fanboys need to talk about the 360 and what it is bringing to the table more than they need to talk trash about the PS3. It only makes the fanboys look more and more stupid.

rockleex3503d ago

Where were all these 360 fanboys when MGS4 sold 3 million units worldwide in one week?

*crickets chirp* ....

t-dizzle3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

You do realize that Sony LOSES money on every console sold, don't you??? Even after the big loss they took over RROD, MS is still in the Black with the 360!

Edit: Nice to know that even when I provide evidence of what I am saying, people will still disagree.

danfry3503d ago

Yeah, I agree. I think the only thing Microsoft can do now is try to slam the PS3, as they really have nothing to shout about to make themselves look good.

I hope for the sake of the 360 that they pull something out of their gaming sleeves for this year, at the moment it looks bleak.

Making sales in North America, whilst important; will not make or break a console. It's all about Global sales.

lowcarb3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

"Seriously, its March 2009. Almost April. If you dont know whats coming this year for your console with almost 8 months left in 2009, then you seriously need to consider selling your console because thats just pathetic.

"but, but, but...wait till E3" The simple fact is, the 360 HAS no games this year. You can see the trend if you look back two years and one year ago.

Last year, you waited a whole year for ONE GAME.
In 2007, you have 3 GAMES worth playing. Out of those 3 games, only 1 is a 360 exclusive."

So when PS3 had no games it was ok but when 360 has yet to announce it's lineup because they do buisness different there wrong lol? 1st off the 360 has better games and more games than PS3 regardeless of the spin your providing misses cry baby. Also why is it always a problem for sony fanboys wether or not if a 360 game is exclusive or going to pc? It looks as if you fools will say anything to keep your pride up. It's hilarious just reading posts like yours and alike. DO you people seriously think your making any sense? The reason you dont get many responses is because rational people read your comments and dont take you serious. Grow up and get off of Sony's nuts seriously. What are you a 3rd grader on hormone pills sheesh.

edit below: Please post some links showing when they started to and how much Sony has been profiting. Without links you sound like a mere fanboy caught up in the delusional SOny owns the word mentality. Also Global sales do matter but North America is the most important right now as far as numbers.

danfry3503d ago

Manufacturing costs of the PS3 are falling all the time. Actually Sony have been profiting since around November last year.

All-33503d ago

Perhaps --> Sony should too eh?

Or are YOU or ANYONE ELSE going to actually believe that Sony isn't just-as-guilty?


DeadIIIRed3503d ago

Wii Fit is the Halo Killer.

Rainstorm813503d ago

Sales DO NOT equal a good system. Games do. Where are all the 360 fanboys that argued that the ps3 had no games? If sales influence your system selection make sure you go get the number one system out the Nintendo Wii, If your into GREAT (not mediocre games) get a Playstation 3. If your into Halo and Gears get a Xbox360. its fairly simple. Sony has had the best games for two generations looks like they are going for a third.

creatchee3503d ago

Here's what too many people fail to realize - these numbers are not acceptable for two day sales in this day and age of the gaming blockbuster. Gone are the days where game sales steadily increase month to month. We are in the Hollywood era where the big gross generally comes from first week sales and then slowly tapers off. Now I understand that KZ2 had strong week 2 sales, but that's probably going to be its biggest week of sales period. Then it will taper off like every other game - simple sales model.

But the problem is that KZ2 is the most hyped game ever released on the PS3. Look at all of the forum posts, the articles, the news stories. For KZ2 to only sell that many (even for 2 days) is not a good sign.

I love the game, but I don't think that it is going to move systems and discs like Sony hoped it would.

NickIni3503d ago

The gaming industry is full of kids. They talk so much about the competition, it's not even funny.

See many other industries doing this?

Kudos to Nintendo so far this gen though.

Major_Tom3503d ago

Haha, the usual suspects come out and say 2 days worth of sales is weak.

Don't listen to these guys, but do help clean up N4G remember to take their bubbles.

cactuschef3503d ago

I play games, I dont sell them. Im surprised by how many people at n4g care so much about sales numbers. Its kinda sad because most, if not all of you guys, have no stake in either company.

Saigon3503d ago

nothing else to say...he said it all...

xwabbit3503d ago

lol when has the PS3 had no games ? every year we get more than new 2 fresh IP's lol

callahan093502d ago

You guys can talk all you want about how Halo 3 or Gears 2 or whatever other 360 game sold more in its first day than Killzone 2 sold... and I'll be playing a very fun videogame with no worries about whether the majority of PS3 owners went out on a Friday or Saturday at the end of February to buy the latest videogame. The game is selling well enough for my needs: there are more than enough people playing online, and that's all that matters for each of us who bought it to have a good time.

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N4PS3G3503d ago

Please do leave Sony and the PS3 out of your rants unless prompted, m'kay?- Article

that was classic .. he almost cried

MURKERR3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

its all smoke and mirrors, 360 is selling far less at its price than expected in its home territory, barely edging out the ps3 and getting whupped by the wii (which its also cheaper than), theres the ps3 price cut, the lack of exclusives, the fact it only sold 40k more of streetfighter despite its install base,

to me steinbergs losing the plot and with good reason to

Lfmesquite3503d ago

Do something about it. They keep handing 360 the market share, with their over priced system that plays all the same third party games.

I keep watching Sony do nothing, I feel they deserve this bashing. And I hope it keeps coming.

bobdog6263503d ago

Sony can do Better than this.Sony Get your act together .So many People trust in you and your Product . It's a Shame that your name is being dragged through the Mud and you do nothing about it.

Rainstorm813503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

They are doing what any video game console company should...... FOCUS ON MAKING GREAT GAMES.....GAMING IS ABOUT GAMES.... not false arguements. I challenge any xbox360 supporter to go game for game with me.

Infamous, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2(microsoft owns the rights to NG2 so they are not the same game) GOW3, MAG, Killzone 2, Quantum Theory just to name a few.

soxfan20053503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Despite the popular sentiment on this site, 360 actually has great games too, that is why it continues to sell very well. Look at Metacritic:

PS3 exclusives rated 90 or higher - 4
360 exclusives rated 90 or higher - 5

The whole "360 has no games" arguement is dead with the people that matter most - consumers (i.e. - the 99.9% of people who don't read these forums).

A good lineup on paper is NO guarantee of success, either. Just ask a New York Yankees fan. Wait until games actually get released instead of trying to predict how good they might be.

Rainstorm813503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I agree. i passed judgement on a few of those games prematurely but nonetheless majority of those games will be unargueably groundbreaking. Actually only two Uncharted 2 and God of War 3. Uncharted wasn't touted by the media although its one of the best games this generation. The cool thing in the media is to bash ps3 so dont get me started on reviews. I have a link of someone compairing Gears of War 2 to Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and in every visual aspect it was better but gears2 graphics was rated higher in the media. Xbox360 US made and US favored so the media reflects that.
Last i never said xbox dosent have games i was implying from here on out we will see far BETTER games on ps3.

By the way im a Cowboys fan so i know about having a good lineup and losing lol.

soxfan20053503d ago

While there may be a little (very little) media bias, that is why I like to look at metacritic. By using 20, 30, or 40 different sources and averaging the scores, the biased review (both positive and negative) will have little to no impact on the final rating.

BTW -I'm also a Patriots fan. The 16-0 season followed by a Super Bowl loss was pretty painful.

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Why dis3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

Poor Sony...

Poor PS3 fanboys...

Dam o'l mean MSFT what did Sony and fanboys ever do or ever say about anybody else? :(

Dam mean o'l MSFT shouldn't be talking smack because their in last place?

YungXclusive2K93503d ago


Montreafart3503d ago

Steve Balmer just took a giant dump on the xbox division. Why are these guys still talking trash lmao.

talltony3503d ago

microsoft is just trying to act confident by taking jabs at the system with most upcoming exclusives. id probably be just as nervous if i were microsoft.

Pennywise3503d ago

Poor Sony with their great software sales that makes more money than the hardware.

Poor sony who sells their machine with a profit unlike MS.

Poor Sony whos machine has the majority of the major multiplatform release last month.

Poor poor sony. Just a little glimpse of reality for you Why Dis, since we all know you live on the neverland ranch.

blackbeld3503d ago

No.. Whydis...
You missing the point off the article..

The more Microsoft talk about PS3 the more that means they are jealous and they admitting they are loosing this gen again..

Folks are not gonna believe Microsoft anymore. Microsoft should make new plans for making more exclusive games... What i meant is not another Halo game but new games like Sony does..

Major_Tom3503d ago

Microsoft is in second place, not first place. Since when does 2nd place talk smack to 3rd Place? Oh right, they just seem like the sore loser.

likedamaster3503d ago

@Why Dis
Don't you dare change your avatar. That's my girl on there.

Anywhos, this happens when the sony hype train reaches an all time high and then fail to meet expectations and everyone else laughs about it. From 1st to Fail = Sony

KILL-ALL-CURE3503d ago

And yet xbox fanboys complain about how Ps3 game commercials have the InGame Footage at the bottom right...showing what the xbox cant do.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3503d ago

WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! and like all Playstaton fans, I like to cry.

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socomnick3503d ago

Well, they can talk about who ever and whatever they wish, its their right. I don't think it makes them look any better but, its their right they can do what they wish. Also its not Microsoft , it seems its just Aron Greenburg that keeps making fun of sony.

TreborRversed3503d ago

If Microsoft don't like it then why not get someone else to fill in his position.

XxZxX3503d ago

you forgot about Mr shane Kim