How to make a perfect sequel

"A perfect sequel is this an oxymoron or an art yet unmastered? In the world of gaming most franchises seem to have one good sequel and then a 3rd game that acts as the red headed step-child. This obviously excludes the veteran IPs such as Resident Evil, Final Fantasy or Grand Theft Auto. One has to wonder however if bad sequels are a result of a lazy development or the fans expecting far too much. A good game sequel should look better however slightly than its predecessor, it should expand upon the same features that made it great and improve upon the weaker areas. A true sequel should always make the gamer remember why they love the series. As far as sequels that completely change the game play such as the jump from Resident Evil: Code Veronica to Resident Evil 4, I believe it should simply become a completely different IP because at that point its not a sequel anymore its a company making completely different game using an established name to sell their games."

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